Bitcoin’s short sales reached $ 51 million last week

As the market tries to regain its balance, cryptocurrency investment products managed to attract $ 64 million in revenue last week. However, the latest CoinShares report indicates that these inflows were made up primarily of short Bitcoin sales. A week earlier, the cryptocurrency commodity market suffered losses of $ 423 million. Outside the United States, … Read more

Artemis I in August? – Space City

After years of delays and budget overruns, US agency is finally ready to launch Space Launch System or SLSA transmitter designed with moon In the viewfinder, even though other tasks are still available. NASA can In April last year, NASA attempted to launch a countdown test. Due to multiple issues, SLS has returned to the … Read more

The first Web3 conference led by women

The Metaverse Summit specifically focuses on women’s representation in Web3 and also aims to promote diversity through the inclusion of women and marginalized groups. The Metaverse Summit is an international convention celebrating technology and creativity. The Summit will bring together prominent Metaverse entrepreneurs, creators, investors and experts to discuss and collaborate on the emergence of … Read more

Falling Bitcoin: BTC miners forced to sell

no one is saved – After an upward cycle that exceeded all expectations, the cryptographic market has been on a downward trend since November 2021. A rather sad period for all people and entities exposed to Bitcoin and cryptographic assets. Whales, venture capitalists, lending platforms, individuals … even cryptocurrency miners are feeling the shock. Miners … Read more