10 Anime It Doesn’t Pay To Be Good In

Anime heroes are often given a significant chance and a significant opportunity to eventually achieve their goals. On the other hand, anime villains often face inevitable defeat at the hands of the hero, no matter how powerful. However, high morale doesn’t always provide a survival benefit in some anime.

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Existing in darker environments, anime characters face circumstances where deviating from morality is essential for a successful life. Ruthlessness functions as an unconventional tool, allowing characters to endure life-threatening conditions and achieve lofty goals.

ten Tokyo Ghoul forces ghouls to use violence to survive

Ken wears dead skin in Tokyo Ghoul

Survive as a ghoul in Tokyo Ghoul Requires characters to act ruthlessly towards humans and ghouls. Ghouls that refuse to harm others risk death at the hands of other ghouls that feed on their kind or act territorially. The Commission of Counter Ghouls forces the ghouls to defend themselves against malicious humans. Kaneki Ken forcefully learns the harsh reality of being a ghoul after the Aogiri Tree threatens his peace.

Ghouls have a higher chance of surviving by ignoring morale and mercilessly crushing threats. Characters that ignore violence suffer only from starvation and those with malicious intent.

9 Tower Of God rewards contestants who eliminate the competition

Rachel in the Tower of God anime

the anime tower of god requires those who enter the tower to compete in order to successfully reach the top. Contestants must dominate their competitors and win at the expense of others to climb the ladder and achieve a higher quality of life. Characters who trust others too much or don’t want to win at all costs face betrayal and an inability to progress.

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Winning the Tower Challenges rewards participants with a power that places lower ranked players at a significant disadvantage. Participants achieve their desire to enter the Tower more effectively through treachery than helping others or goodwill.

8th In High Rise Invasion, players compete for divinity

High altitude invasion forces players in the dangerous game to navigate through skyscrapers while avoiding masked figures with murderous intentions. The various masked figures roaming the environment attack with ruthless aggression, leaving the contestants little hope of escaping without a fight. Since the game offers a limited number of opportunities to become a candidate of God, participants benefit from eliminating rivals.

High altitude invasion The constant dangers make it almost impossible for the contestants to survive without assassinating or inflicting damage to some degree. Participants who refuse to break their morale eliminate their ability to fight back or escape.

7 Deadman Wonderland forces inmates to fight between life and death

Wonderland of the Dead

The inmates of the prison Wonderland of the Dead dystopian city competes in games of life and death for public entertainment. When the prison facility administers a deadly poison to the inmates and hands out the antidote as a game prize, the inmates have no choice but to harm others for their own benefit. Developing blood control powers, contestants like Ganta fight in additional gladiator battles that require them to arm themselves.

While the teamwork between inmates sometimes helps the characters survive, the games’ violent storylines force the characters to prioritize their well-being over others. The high stakes of Wonderland of the Dead leave no room for good intentions or mercy on the battlefield.

6 Kakegurui introduces you to the risky world of gambling

smiling yumeko kakegurui playing cards

The students of Hyakkaou Academy in kakeguru Rely on subterfuge to succeed as one of the best players in the school. The influential students at Hyakkaou Academy repeatedly gamble their fortunes for status and entertainment by jeopardizing their lifestyles. Students are more likely to maintain their reputations by using malicious methods to influence the outcome of each game.

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The massive losses that follow by Kakegurui Gambling requires students to treat their classmates mercilessly. Playing fair only makes it harder to survive the Hyakkaou Academy hierarchy and avoid lifelong debt.

5 Elite classroom forces students to compete for resources

The 3 MCs from Classroom of the Elite are represented

Kodo Okusei High School elite class has prestigious facilities and freedom for its students, but it uses a ranking system that favors the best students. The lower-ranking Class D students lack access to school resources and suffer humiliation from administration and their more senior classmates. The constant competition to earn points and climb the ladder leads students to use shady methods to stay enrolled.

Even the most talented students in Class D in elite class struggle to ingratiate themselves with the school without earning resentment from other classmates. The pressure to perform penalizes students who refuse to compete at the expense of others.

4 Future Diary grants divinity to those who fight for it

The god Deus Ex Machina from Future Diary selects people to fight in a survival game that bestows divinity on the winner. The competition requires players to kill other competitors to succeed and features characters with meaningful motivations to win. The demands of Deus Ex Machina lead players to sacrifice their morals in order to differentiate themselves from the competition and survive the chaos that ensues.

The need for a single winner in the game makes it a reckless decision to trust or go easy on another player who only creates future enemies. To attain divinity, characters must rely on selfish choices for any chance of affecting their reality.

3 Juni Taisen: Zodiac War recruits warriors to fight for a wish

Twelve Warriors of June Taisen: The Zodiac War Adopt the traits of Chinese zodiac signs and take part in a deadly tournament. Each contestant swallows a poison gem that activates in 12 hours, requiring contestants to win to escape its effects. The violent methods competitors use to take down opponents within the time limit leave characters with no choice but to fight mercilessly.

June Taisen: The Zodiac War The tough survival conditions within the tournament leave no room for good intentions. The game’s promise of granting the winner’s wish extends the length of time characters strive for power.

2 Duel Fate/Zero characters in a deadly tournament for power

Saber uses Excalibur in Fate Zero

The magician one destiny zero command the familiars to compete in a fighting tournament for possession of the wish-granting holy grail. Contestants use a range of magical abilities that turn battles into deathmatches between characters of considerable power. Each magician’s fierce motivations to attain the Holy Grail drive the contestants to fight fiercely.

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Fate/Zero Holy Grail bestows prestige on characters, which can only be gained through violence and the ruthless elimination of rivals. Competitors put Morale back for a limited chance to build reputation and fulfill lifetime ambitions.

1 Devilman Crybaby locks the world in a supernatural war

Akira turns into a demon

The devil people in Crybaby devil man possess physical strength and reflexes that surpass those of ordinary humans. Though life as a Devilman comes with dangerous risks, the added strength is an important asset for surviving against the demons of the world. The protagonist, Akira, survives several precarious situations due to his enhanced abilities and inhuman form.

Though demons and humans face a similar fate Devilman Crybabies In conclusion, the existence between the two species offers a distinct advantage in the apocalyptic conditions of the series. The world is characterized by constant violence that threatens characters with no supernatural influence.

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