10 Anime To Watch While Waiting For Komi Can’t Communicate Season 2, Ranked

Komi cannot communicate was one of the most requested manga adapted into an anime. For many fans content, the anime was surprisingly well done given the fear that Komi’s inability to speak would be difficult to portray on screen. Luckily, thanks to the small sound effects she creates, Komi was able to win the hearts of many fans of the series. Also, all of the characters were able to come across well on screen, with the comedy being even funnier than the manga itself.

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Not surprisingly, Season 2 of Komi cannot communicate will be released in early April 2022. Manga fans can’t wait to see what happens in Season 2 as more fan-favorite characters are introduced and the relationship between Tadano and Komi deepens. Komi cannot communicate has established itself as one of the funniest and healthiest manga and anime and there are many more that are similar.

ten We never learn that characters are as messy as Komi’s friends

Wide shot of Nariyuki standing behind Fumino, Rizu and Uruka from We Never Learn

we never learn takes a generic storyline that has been overdone and gives it a refreshing take. The main character has to mentor a group of mastermind high school students in their weaker subjects. what does we never learn The funny thing is that the people he has to teach are masters at things that don’t interest them.

One of the main girls is a master of English and sucks at math, but wants to study math in college. It’s fun to see the juxtaposition of skills and desires. Despite being afraid to teach the girls, the protagonist cares for them and wants them to be the best they can be, just as Tadano wants the best for Komi.

9 Toradora reunites two outcasts

Ryuuji and Taiga Toradora

Toradora is a good recommendation for Komi cannot communicate with fans, as it tells the story of two high school students who slowly fall in love. There is something special about the show despite its overused storyline, as Taiga is feisty and only realizes late in the show that she is in love with the show’s protagonist.

There’s something incredibly healthy about their relationship as Taiga comes out of her shell and becomes a girlfriend who wants to make friends, like Komi.

8th Rent A Girlfriend’s Sumi is her version of Komi

Corn Hire a girlfriend While not necessarily a healthy show, fans can agree that Sumi is one of the purest and healthiest anime girls. She shares many similarities with Komi as she is very introverted and has trouble communicating with people. She often does not have the courage to speak out loud.

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It’s cute to see her struggling to communicate through sounds while trying to play as a friend for humans. Many fans have come to the conclusion that Sumi needs protection and want more screen time for her.

7 The new game has a cast of characters that grow closer over time

The main girls of the new game!

New game falls under the moe genre of anime. The main focus of the show is cute girls doing cute things. fans of Komi cannot communicate was able to find great joy in this show as the main character Aoba struggles to befriend everyone in his workplace.

This is especially true of Hifumi, who resembles Komi in her introverted nature. Speaking of Hifumi, it’s healthy to see her slowly coming out of her shell and communicating more and more with Aoba like Komi does with Tadano.

6 Kaguya-sama: Love is War rivals Komi in comedy and romance

Chika in new art for Kaguya-sama: Love is War Season 3

Most fans forget that Komi cannot communicate is considered a romance manga, although the anime has yet to focus on this aspect of its story. Kaguya Sama is often compared to Komi cannot communicate with a naturally introverted female lead and chaotic characters that bring comedic energy to the series.

The show is fun and random, just like Komi cannot communicateMany fans associate Chika with Najimi because they are overly outgoing and friendly.

5 My Dress-Up Darling shakes up the romantic genre

My dress up darling Marin overheats Shizuku

My favorite dressing is one of the latest anime to catch people’s attention. While most romantic anime that come out have a Tsundere-type character or someone who heavily teases the main character, there’s something really refreshing about Marin, the lead My favorite dressing.

She is a sweetheart who is friendly and energetic with everyone. It’s refreshing to see someone genuinely kind and excited when they realize they might like the main character. Komi cannot communicate Fans would enjoy this show as its main character is refreshing to watch, similar to Komi in that she is not tsundere or aggressive.

4 Angel Beats is known for breaking fans’ hearts

Angel defeats Angel and Otonashi during a sunset

angel beats is now considered classic anime. After more than a decade, many fans come back to it and enjoy it very much. The show is about high school kids trying to come to terms with their past and move on to the next chapter of their lives.

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The main character, Yuzuru, is similar to Tadano in that he is very keen on helping everyone, especially Angel. Angel resembles Komi in her introverted nature and that she makes the effort to speak.

3 Domestic girlfriend is the mature Komi can not communicate

Domestic girlfriend is a famous show, not because it’s good, but because it’s so incredibly bad that people want to see it. The plot is over the top as the protagonist Natsuo tries to bond with his new stepsisters. Fans will concede that both sisters are amazing, with Hina being open-minded and willing to help where she can.

Then there is Rui. fans of Komi cannot communicate might find that they like Rui as she is socially awkward and chooses to be left alone. Natsuo is similar to Tadano in wanting to help him come out of his shell and talk to humans.

2 Love Live Sunshine has a cast of lovable characters

water of love live the sun

Love life: So is the spiritual successor of Love life: School idol Project. The characters all have a chaotic nature, similar to the cast in Komi cannot communicate. The main character Chika is similar to Tadano in that she wants to bring a group of people together and help them achieve their goals.

There’s even an introverted, shy girl on this show named Ruby. Despite speaking more often than Komi, Ruby was still a nervous wreck when the show started. She struggled to get words out and connect with everyone around her.

1 Miku from Quintessential Quintuplets warms everyone’s heart

Quintuplets par excellence is one of the most popular romance/harem animes. With a movie due out the following year, fans are excited to see which girl Futaro Uesugi will win. Many fans love the characters, but Miku is particularly popular.

She is like Komi with her introverted nature. She rarely speaks and usually stays alone, although she enjoys Futaro’s presence. Many fans appreciate her because in the end she has the courage to make a confession to him, but also to confess her love to her sisters.

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