10 Anime Where Fans Are Cheering On The Villain

Anime narratives often present their characters and viewers with unconventional moral dilemmas. Some anime heroes’ actions don’t always line up with what fans would have done in a similar scenario. Spectators could cheer on the other side in such situations. Well-written anime villains have complex, eloquent personalities and understandable motivations.

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While their means don’t always justify the end, viewers can understand where they’re coming from. Even the most immoral and evil antagonists can charm with their fun and charismatic ways. And fans will be drawn to the dark side, hoping their favorite villain will defeat the heroes and achieve their malevolent goals. Whether it’s genuinely sane motivation or appealing characterization, some villains are just too likeable to hate.

ten Esdeath’s tender side won over many fans (Akame Ga Kill!)

Esdeath by Akame Ga Kill

As the leader of the Jaegers and one of the most influential generals in the Empire, Esdeath of Kill Akamega! could hardly be described as a sympathetic person. Her ruthless and downright sadistic demeanor makes Esdeath an extremely dangerous adversary, while her manipulative and cunning mind ensures her powerful military influence.

Despite Esdeath’s disturbing lack of empathy, her obsessive love for the series’ protagonist, Tatsumi, can be seen as quite endearing. The same thing Akame ga Kills The incorrigible villain was capable of strong romantic feelings, making Esdeath a fan favorite on the show.

9 Viewers were touched by Meruem’s (Hunter X Hunter) character transformation

Meruem begins to feel genuine compassion

Hunter X Hunter Chimera Ant’s beloved arc is often considered to be the strongest narrative subplot in history. Between the larger than life stakes of conflict and the myriad of exciting new characters, the part of Chimera Ant’s grand story that stands out the most is their antagonist, the Chimera King Meruem.

The villain’s original goal was to destroy humanity, which he saw as a subservient species. Nonetheless, Meruem underwent one of the most emotional character transformations in anime history after meeting and bonding with a blind human girl, Komugi, during a Gungi match. The relationship between the two and the tragic conclusion to their story had fans siding with Meruem in his final moments.

8th The legacy of Dio Brando is an integral part of Joestar’s story (JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure)

DIO gets sadistic in JoJo's bizarre adventure Stardust Crusaders

While JoJo’s bizarre adventures Iconic villain Dio Brando has never been a morally honorable person, amid his popularity JJBA Fans is neither surprising nor undeserved. Dio appears in the first season as the manipulative and violent antagonist of Jonathan Joestar.

As the story progresses, he remains responsible for many important events in the series. Her flirtatious and influential personality has won the hearts of many admirers both on the show and among fans. Dio particularly stands out in the series’ first installment, Phantom Blood, even taking Jonathan’s place in the spotlight as a more realized and memorable character.

7 Izaya Orihara is too entertaining to hate (Durarara!!)

Durarara Izaya

The complicated plot of Durara!! has many dynamic and memorable characters. Nonetheless, Izaya Orihara stands out as the most compelling actor in the series despite being an antagonist.

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Ikebukuro’s infamous information broker is a mastermind catalyst behind most of the series’ bizarre events, and his abnormal adoration of humans leads Izaya to push them over the edge. Despite Izaya’s sociopathic demeanor, fans of Durara!! Consider him one of the funniest characters in the series. While his motives are rarely justifiable, viewers can help the villain succeed just to see the next step in Izaya’s intricate plan.

6 Zeke Yeager’s Euthanasia Plan Wasn’t Widely Considered Callous (Attack On Titan)

Healed Zeke in Attack on Titan

Zeke Yeager’s first appearance in Attack of the Titans second season as the Beast Titan made many fans of the show hate him. Before the villain explained his euthanasia plan to the public and established his role in the overall storyline of the series, Zeke was simply a ruthless antagonist who killed many beloved characters during his attack on the paradise island.

However, as viewers learned more about Zeke’s tragic background and discovered his proposal for the future of the Eldians, he found many supporters among the fans.

5 Shogo Makishima Fought for Humanity’s Free Will (Psycho Pass)

Makishima repairs Akane in Psycho Pass

The dystopian society of Psycho Pass can hardly be considered virtuous, so the ideas of Shogo Makishima, the show’s partisan antagonist, seemed reasonable to many viewers. Makishima was repelled by the Sibyl’s authoritarian regime, and his goal was to liberate Japanese citizens.

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In Shogo’s opinion, although the ideal non-violent society is unattainable due to the complex nature of humankind, the Japanese people deserve to decide for themselves what is right and wrong. And while Makishima’s methods of combating the system were quite extreme and violent, the core idea behind his actions resonated with fans.

4 Takasugi Shinsuke’s goal was to liberate his country (Gintama)

Takasugi by Gintama

After the war against the alien invasion, Japan was colonized by the Amanto, the protagonist of Gintama retired from combat and settled into life under the new regime. Each member of the last generation of Joui War chose to go their own way after losing the fight for independence. But, by Gintama Antagonist Takasugi Shinsuke refused to accept defeat and spent years reforming his Kiheitai military group.

Takasugi’s group was dedicated to liberating their country from space invaders, which was no ominous goal. Additionally, Shinsuke’s over-the-top yet endearing personality has drawn many fans to get behind his mission.

3 Ladd Russo’s fun personality makes up for his violent nature (Baccano!)

Ladd enjoys the carnage in Baccano

Some villains don’t need to have a defensible motivation or admirable intent to win the love of the fandom. Load Russo out Baccano! is a shameless sadist with a passion for killing people; his purpose in life is to live an entertaining existence that is honest with his impulses and emotions. Ladd’s towering personality and violent tendencies make him one of the most committed members of Baccano! extended cast.

Though Ladd has no genuine goals or redeeming qualities, he remains a popular character on the show, proving that a well-written character doesn’t have to be a good person to please viewers. .

2 Yagami Light’s Ideology Isn’t Hands Down Bad (Death Note)

Misa falls in love with the light in Death Note

After receiving the power of death threat A mysterious Shinigami, Light Yagami is dedicated to eradicating crime from the corrupt and unjust world. However, the artifact’s power corrupted the series’ protagonist, turning Light into an incorrigible villain and mass murderer. Nevertheless, many fans of death threat always by Light’s side on his quest to rid the world of criminals.

His ultimate goal was to make the world a better place, an ideal that ultimately everyone shares. And Light’s charismatic personality and shrewd intellect made his developmental journey that much more enjoyable, despite the gradual corruption of his ideas.

1 Team Rocket deserves the respect and love of the fans (Pokémon)

Team Rocket trio striking a pose in Pokemon

the Pokemon The anime series was a staple of many anime fans’ childhoods, and Ash’s adventures introduced many viewers to the world of Japanese animation. Even as children, some Pokémon fans were more enthusiastic about cheering on the flamboyant and charismatic Team Rocket than Ash and his much more predictable friends.

James, Jessie and Meowth may have trouble following through on their evil plans. However, the trio continue to try harder than everyone else, which is certainly highly commendable. The legendary members of Team Rocket aren’t bad people at heart, and their failed attempts to defeat Ash are always more entertaining than terrifying.

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