10 reasons why JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is the best anime ever

Hirohiko Araki JoJo’s bizarre adventure entertained audiences for 35 years and earned its place in the pantheon of major anime series. yoyo is such a creative and offbeat riff on typical shonen and action tropes where he establishes a never-ending unique voice and it’s like “yo-yo” is its own species.

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yoyo resonates so strongly and cultivates such a passionate fandom because it is so not afraid to take big risks and move away from the norm. There are some really great anime out there are essentialbut there are strong arguments as to why JoJo’s bizarre adventure deserves the honor of being one of the medium’s greatest triumphs.

ten The generational structure of the larger story and rotating protagonists

There are many unique ways that anime series stand out from the herd by establishing their own voice, but just like that JoJo’s bizarre adventure It’s said to be partly why it’s such a standalone series. Instead of telling a story that represents the progress of a single protagonist, JoJo’s bizarre adventure is divided into separate story sagas, each of which follows another member of the Joestar family. yoyo is so rewarding because these stories can be enjoyed on their own, but can also be admired as one sprawling narrative.

9 His inclination to travel the world and explore new environments

Anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Part 4 Italy Scenic

Anime can span such boundless territory and cover fantasy worlds, but it’s surprising how many series use Japan as a backdrop. Nothing wrong with Japan as an anime setting, though JoJo’s bizarre adventure also justifies its unique qualities by the different regions of the world it covers. JoJo’s bizarre adventure eventually arrives in Japan, but the story begins in London in Victorian times and gradually moves to Cairo, Egypt, Venice, Italy and even Florida. These refreshing tempo changes bring such life to life yoyo

8th The over the top nature of the characters and their wardrobes

Anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Pose of Jonathan's hand face

Sound can make or break an anime and this is one area where JoJo’s bizarre adventure absolutely triumph. yoyo opens with very burly male characters who wouldn’t be out of place in an action series, but also have very irregular attire and a penchant for elegant posing at the height of the fight.

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the improved outfits and poses in JoJo’s bizarre adventure have become one of anime’s greatest calling cards. All too often there are animes that take themselves too seriously, though yoyo Find out how to have fun and undermine each other in a way that doesn’t bring down the whole series.

7 The endless creativity at your fingertips

Anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders Judgment Stand Polnareff

There are so many energy sources and attacks that power different shonen anime, but many of them may look the same even though they have different names and principles. JoJo’s bizarre adventure starts with Hamon, but it doesn’t take long for him to become a master Presents itself as his main means of attack and defense. The stands look like humanoid creatures, but they’re infinitely more creative than the attacks found in most anime. Behind each stand is a different quirk and many different stand types, resulting in consistently fresh and unpredictable combat.

6 Artistic style and attention to detail by David Productions

Anime JoJo Stone Ocean Opening Rohan Pencil

Original artwork by Hirohiko Araki in JoJo’s bizarre adventures The manga is iconic, but there are many anime adaptations that don’t do justice to the source material due to a poorly prepared animation studio. The public has never been so aware the studios working on various animes and JoJo’s bizarre adventure is fortunate to have David Productions responsible for all seasons. David Productions lovingly emulates Araki’s style, but they find ways to improve on his ideas and add a few extra Easter eggs for die-hard fans. JoJos Audiences never have to worry about content being ruined because of David Productions’ excellent reputation.

5 His desire to change gender

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Diamond is Unbreakable Father Nijimura Happy Header

JoJo’s bizarre adventure is a shonen series that begins with very ordinary action tropes as the driving force. The scope of yoyo evolves satisfactorily, but it’s still entertaining because the show’s genre changes naturally, which allows the storytelling to evolve and not stagnate.

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These gender changes are sometimes subtle, however Steel barrel turns yoyo in a cross-country race, The diamond is unbreakable includes storytelling a slice of small town life and JoJolion reveals an immense secret. The core of yoyo isn’t detracted from, but these storytelling pivots bring so much new potential to the narrative.

4 The use of music in anime

Anime JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Ending Theme Freekn You Giorno

Music is an integral part of the anime experience, and many series are taken to the next level with an effective soundtrack. JoJo’s bizarre adventure names many of its characters and takes after musicians and musical groups, but its opening and closing themes are still flamboyant love letters to the series. yoyo also use it creatively English songs for his ending themes, which adds even more personality to the anime. The musical themes that accompany the series’ main characters like Giorno and Jolyne are endlessly catchy and passionate pieces.

3 It has an excellent English dub

Some anime viewers will refuse to watch dubbed versions of their favorite series, while other fans will only watch material that gets English dubbing. There are merits to both versions, but if nothing else an English dub can be a fascinating lesson in localization and modifications. Some excellent anime get dubs of lower quality, either in translation or voice acting, which is always unfortunate. JoJo’s bizarre adventure features a very accurate English dub put together with love. The dub captures the tone of the original while still putting its own stamp on it.

2 Its expanded universe of side stories and additional material

Kishibe Rohan in JoJo OVA

JoJo’s bizarre adventure is blessed with a number of story expansions that fill out the franchise’s universe as well as certain characters in compelling ways outside of the base anime and manga. yoyo is so worthwhile because in addition to its anime, there is the Thus spoke Kishibe Rohan OVA series, but also loads of spin-off light novels and manga that give the audience so much more to consume. There is even yoyo Video games with original Araki stories that enrich the world.

1 There is still no end in sight

There are some great anime series that have run their course and of course have lost popularity as newer series come out. Alternatively, a long-running anime that never ends can also lead to a repetitive and weak narrative, but JoJo’s bizarre adventure keeps things fresh. A big benefit of the series is that there’s a lot to consume, but there’s a lot more on the way. Araki’s manga is entering Part 9 soonwhile the anime is still adapting part 6, ocean of stone. There is much more between anime and manga yoyo come, which makes being a fan very exciting.

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