10 visually stunning josei anime with amazing animation

While audiences are familiar with shonen and shojo anime, the josei genre, which appeals to older female audiences, is less well known. In Japanese, the word josei means woman, and these anime are aimed at an adult female audience. The adult rating allows writers to experiment with darker themes.

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Basically a deconstruction of the shojo and magic girl genres, Josei offers a mature perspective on childhood idealism. Josei also aims to break down barriers by encouraging women’s empowerment and expression. However, that doesn’t mean it’s a complete departure from other female genders. Similar to shojo, josei often includes aesthetics such as big beautiful eyes, floral designs, detailed fashion, and amazing hair.

ten Dear Brother’s teenage girls deal with adult issues

The eyes of Mariko Shinobu (dear brother)

Even though Dear brother is a lesser-known title, fans of cel animation will recognize its impressive imagery. Screenshots of the 1987 anime have been circulating on social media for quite some time, and it’s easy to see why. Mangaka Riyoko Ikeda’s style combines well-known manga aesthetics while creating something completely unique.

While Dear brother This drama explores girl culture and deviates from the shojo genre by tackling adult themes such as drug addiction, violence, abuse, family dysfunction and illness. Dear brother explores its characters’ sexualities and mental illnesses, which were considered taboo subjects at the time of its creation. The predominantly female cast explores gender roles, particularly those previously reserved for men.

9 Glass ceilings splinter in the revolutionary girl Utena

Revolutionary girl Utena

Revolutionary girl Utena is a great example of anime from the 90s. With its bright colors and edgy patterns, this series is a real delight. The core of the characters, with their various shades of candy-colored hair and fun outfits, make for a lovely aesthetic.

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Revolutionary girl Utena challenges gender stereotypes with the title character Utena, a wild schoolgirl fighting for another girl. Her strong self-confidence and courage in the face of adversity sparks a global revolution. In addition to a beautiful story revolutionary girl UtenaThe surreal elements use metaphor and symbolism to good effect.

8th The character and costume designs make Yuri!!! Stand out on the ice

Most anime fans know it Yuri!!! on ice, the sports anime phenomenon that has a movie on the way. This anime features a likable protagonist who also happens to be a world-class figure skater. Yuri is relatable with his self-esteem issues and weight issues. Additionally, her romance with Victor captured viewers’ hearts and made her a ship to cheer on.

Yuri!!! on ice The optics are stunning too. The character designs, elaborate outfits and skate routines come to life perfectly.

7 Princess Jellyfish is a modern and enchanting fairy tale

Medusa Princess Kuranosuke

Princess Medusa evokes images of princesses with its pastel color palette and delicate patterns. The anime takes place in an apartment complex reserved for female otaku. Each character has their own obsession and Tsukimi Kurashita, the protagonist, is deeply involved with jellyfish. Tsukumi’s fascination with jellyfish stems from a childhood visit to an aquarium with her mother, and she likens the lacy tendrils of jellyfish to princess dresses.

Tsukimi soon meets Kurako, who looks like a real princess with her big, beautiful curls and expensive style. Tsukimi has no idea that this girl is actually Kuranosuke Koibuchi, the illegitimate son of a high-ranking politician. Kuranosuke disguises himself as a girl to avoid political commitments and to feel closer to his mother, whom he is constantly looking for. Princess Medusa.

6 Tomie’s surreal horror is eternal

Adapted from the critically acclaimed manga by Junji Ito, Tomie has the same dark atmosphere as its source material. Its subtle color palette and gothic designs make this anime a must-have. The aesthetic fits well with its dark storyline, set after the death of title character Tomie Kawakami.

As Tomie’s colleagues process this trauma and try to find peace, they are surprised when a familiar face reappears. Your slain friend seems to have risen from the dead, but all is not as it seems. On the contrary, Tomie’s beauty is an immortal force that haunts and drives her admirers insane.

5 Awaken your competitive spirit with Chihayafuru

The pictures show Chihaya Ayase and Taichi Mashima from Chihayafuru

With its light pastel colors Chihayafuru Smells like spring. Fittingly, this series is all about growth. The anime begins with a flashback to Chihaya Ayase’s elementary school days. She doesn’t care about life and doesn’t feel important compared to her older sister. Everything changes when she meets transfer student Arata Wataya, who introduces her to the karuta card game.

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Nowadays, Chihaya is a high school student who aspires to become the best karuta player in Japan. Chihayafuru brings adult realism to its teenage setting. His characters struggle with an uncertain future, romantic disappointments and boredom.

4 The dramatic world of Loveless isn’t such a guilty pleasure

loveless anime catboy

without love is a visually unique series with symbolism that viewers, especially cat lovers, will appreciate. Every person in the world of without love was born with cat ears and a tail that only disappear when the person loses their virginity. It’s a twist on the cat girl trope that seems innocent but often isn’t.

Ritsuka Aoyagi is a boy struggling with the recent death of his brother. without love begins when a stranger named Agatsuma Soubi approaches him. Agatsuma and his brother were a fighting duo, and now that his brother is dead, Agatsuma has inherited Ritsuka as his new partner. They work together to uncover the truth behind his brother’s death, leading to Ritsuka and Agatsuma becoming closer than they ever expected.

3 The adorable animals at Cafe Shirokuma will warm your heart

Shirokuma Cafe is an anthropomorphic anime about a cafe outside of the city zoo. Run by a charismatic polar bear named Shirokuma, this cafe attracts both people and animals. From making a drink to chatting with the locals, Shirokuma is the consummate host who enjoys all the antics of the service industry. He is accompanied by many other charming characters such as Grizzly, a bear bartender, and Sasako, a human cafe worker. Shirokuma Cafe mixes its fantastic story with realistic imagery for a truly surreal experience.

2 xxxHolic is an addictive visual treat by CLAMP

The talented all-female collective CLAMP created this addictive and esoteric manga-turned-anime. xxxholic follows the story of Kimihiro Watanuki, a high school student who is haunted by ghosts. Watanuki is unable to live a normal life due to this scenario, which is a metaphor for social anxiety.

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Kimihiro then meets a witch whose business grants wishes and who promises to cast out spirits for a fee. For fans of all things mysterious, as well as CLAMP’s elegant style, xxxHolic is a must.

1 Michiko To Hatchin is a non-stop thrill ride

Michiko by Michiko _ Hatchin

Michiko in Hatchin is a late 2000s anime directed by Sayo Yamamoto (Yuri!!! On ice) shows a protagonist at large. Beautiful and cunning, Michiko Malandro proves a dangerous fugitive when she breaks out of prison for the fourth time. She’s looking for a man from her past who has surprising connections to a wide variety of people. Michiko in Hatchin, set in South America, takes viewers to exotic locations and offers stunning visuals. Viewers can feel the heat and sense the danger as these escapees pursue their dreams, relying on adrenaline and indolence to do so.

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