$185 million was allocated for the development of the metaverse

South Korea wants to advance the development of the metaverse

This was announced yesterday on the ministry’s website. South Korea wants Develop your own ecosystem of virtual worlds and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) as part of the metaverse. That’s why the government puts these billions of won to use for various projects.

South Korea will initially train experts: it announces the opening of a training center in order to “train young professionalsabout digital worlds. In addition, a significant part of the budget is spent on virtual reality and augmented reality equipment. Their distribution and marketing is encouraged by the government.

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Set a framework from the start

Remarkably, the government also announces that it wants to clean up the virtual worlds from the start. It changes the legal framework that applies to them, and establishethical principlesto protect users. It also wants to encourage self-regulation of the communities created there.

It’s a public-private collaboration sought by the government, which doesn’t want virtual worlds to exist on the fringes. He also wants to use virtual universes for this Promoting the cultural influence of South Korea, thanks to digital tourism, as well as elements reflecting the history of the country. The goal is assumed to be:Supporting a leading Metaverse platform built on decentralization and creator economy“.

In any case, it is interesting to see how an entire country develops solutions for these fledgling technologies. South Korea wants to position itself very early on the metaverseand his bet to become a leader in this area could therefore well come true.

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Source: MSIT.go.kr

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