5 reasons to succumb to fresh food for your pet (and without taking the lead)

The health of a dog or cat depends on their diet. More and more owners decide to jump and give their animals fresh food. Discover the reasons to succumb to it.

Croquettes or porridge for dogs and cats… In most cases, owners opt for these two foods. Did you know that it is possible to feed your pet fresh food that will help maintain their health? Elmut offers you a range that will make your hairballs salivate.

Fight obesity with personalized meals

A dog is considered overweight if its weight is more than 10% of its ideal weight, for cats up to 15%. As I’m sure you understood, obesity is a disease that should not be taken lightly by the owner.

In fact, it can lead to various pathologies (heart disease, locomotor problems, risk of diabetes mellitus, etc.) and has an impact on the life expectancy of the animal.

In particular, to improve the quality of life, the veterinarian will suggest changing the diet of the dog or cat.

It is therefore recommended to offer pets personalized meals to start weight loss. Meals that can bring a dog or cat closer to their ideal weight.

Elmut, for example, offers fresh dishes fit for human consumption, prepared in France with quality ingredients.

Grain-free, highly digestible and cooked at a low temperature, the Elmut recipes with chicken, beef or turkey delight dogs and cats and help them shed excess pounds thanks to a balanced, appetizing diet with a moderate calorie intake.

Customers report visible effects: After a week, the animal is more vital. After two weeks, digestion is improved. After 3 months some dogs and cats reached their ideal weight again.

Better hydration through better quality meals

As with humans, hydration is extremely important to the animal’s health.

A dog needs an average of 60 ml of water per kilo per day. In the summertime, this requirement can of course increase to 100 ml. In cats, it is estimated that a cat needs 40 to 60 ml per kilo per day.

For animals that drink poorly, and especially cats that neglect their water bowl, it is important that the owner offers wet food.

If the kibble contains an average of 10% water, wet food can help the animals stay hydrated throughout the day.

Did you know that Elmut offers cat food with 70% water? Such a rate makes it possible to meet the water needs of cats.

Meals with clear and controlled ingredients for more confidence

Wet food or dry food … In the supermarket, owners have the choice between dozens of references.

Remember that it is important for the dog or cat’s health to offer them good quality food.

Elmut has one policy: to offer pet owners fresh, tasty and quality recipes.

For this reason, the brand wanted to entrust the development of its recipes to a specialist in quality and food safety. This mission is now in the hands of a small company based in Charente.

A Made in France that is increasingly requested by owners who want to give their animals healthy food.

In order to be able to offer dogs and cats the best recipes, Elmut therefore selects the same suppliers as the stores in your area.

The ingredients are then cooked at a low temperature to preserve nutrients and vitamins and to destroy possible pathogens.

5 reasons to succumb to fresh food for your pet (and without taking the lead)

A food your pet will no longer sulk

While some animals don’t need to be prompted to eat their ration, others are much more sensitive to taste.

In order to satisfy the taste buds of dogs and cats, Elmut relies on tasty and enjoyable food. Recipes for dogs therefore contain more than 60% meat and fine offal. A rate that rises to 90% for recipes designed for cats. Enough to satisfy the most demanding palates.

Chicken, beef, turkey, zucchini, quinoa or canola oil… the ingredients used make complete meals. The small dishes prepared by Elmut contain a 100% natural supplement (CMV) based on algae to ensure the animal has a good supply of minerals.

An uncomplicated service

In addition to the quality of the food, Elmut has set itself the task of making life easier for the owners.

The service is therefore flexible and non-binding. The brand works on a subscription basis, which allows for scheduling deliveries. Of course, the master is free to break it at any time. In addition, delivery is free for every order placed.

Note that Elmut offers a 40% discount for people trying the service for the first time, enough to get an idea of ​​the products.

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