a colorful and lively carnival Sunday in Fort

A liberating Fat Sunday for the Fort-de-France revelers who have found the Grands Boulevards. After almost two years of health limitations, the contestants were able to enjoy the first day of the video, which was marked by an orgy of color and unbridled intergenerational liberation. Photos and videos that you can discover in this article.

The afternoon of this Sunday, February 27, got off to a pretty bad start as rain flooded the start of the first major parade of the 2022 Carnival. However, when the sun returned between the clouds, participants threw themselves into the sky to their heart’s content in the Carnival Sunday wave.

About thirty groups crowded the circuit around the city of Fort-de-France, which, as every year, is the nerve center of the celebrations.

Lots of young people on the streets and regulars of the big parades, like the clay men and women.

© Guy Etienne

This first parade of fat days was all the more appreciated by the revelers as they impatiently awaited this moment of great liberation after several health restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Admittedly, the disease is still to come, but after several consultations with the actors, the authorities have nevertheless decided to loosen the noose on fat days.

Walking Group / Gwanaval and All Comers

Several groups walk in the procession, known and very popular as ‘Gwanaval’ or more recently as ‘Tout Venant’.

© Guy Etienne

This first video lasted until the beginning of the evening, in a great good-natured joy, punctuated by the unleashed percussions of the faithful groups on foot and 2 or 3 essentially obscene songs recorded by young and old in chorus. This is undoubtedly the only regret of this first day of jubilee, but some will note that this is the “peculiarity” of the spontaneous Martinican carnival.

Vaval 2022 / new bands / neg gro siro

A small format Vaval 2022 among new groups such as “Vax Band”, as well as female percussionists and the “Nèg Gro Siro”.

© Guy Etienne

A small-scale Vaval embodying the coronavirus (top right).

Carnival in the armchair

Experience the carnival in a wheelchair or stroller.

© Guy Etienne

To each his own carnival… in a pram or in a wheelchair.

dance and drums

The practitioners dance to the rhythm of the percussion.

© Guy Etienne

Night owls strolled to the rhythm of the percussion until the early evening.

tanks and tourists

Rare floats, “Bradjaks” and full costumes in the procession, but appreciated by many tourists.

© Guy Etienne

Few floats, Bradjacks or full body costumes, but many tourists on the circuit.

Restore after empty

As the evening began, revelers stormed the stalls and other takeaway outlets.

© Guy Etienne

Necessary restoration after the video…

security emptied

Discreet presence of viewers late into the night to ensure the smooth running and security of the video.

© Guy Etienne

Security remained mobilized late into the night.

Discover more photos of the first carnival parade of 2022 by Raphaël Bastide and Denis Bouton

The carnival goes on. This Monday, February 28, 2022 from 5:58 p.m. on TV, follow Martinique 1, a large screen format on Mardi Gras Sunday in Fort-de-France. Music, anecdotes, opinions of the public and revelers in this special edition captured on the streets of the city.

Find the best moments of the Fort de France parade on our Facebook page (images by Jean-Claude Samyde).

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