A Japanese company offers ‘kit’ bunkers to assemble yourself in your living room

This is one of the unintended consequences of the armed conflict currently unfolding in Ukraine, namely the high demand for bomb shelters across Europe. In Japan, sales of WNIShelter, a company specializing in the sale and construction of small metal shelters, could explode…some millionaires build huge anti-atomic shelters out of fear of doomsday or a potential nuclear bomb for war; but with WNIShelter, we are more into the market of bomb shelters that can be installed in your living room, or worst-case scenario, in your garden… These are not underground shelters, they are protected against natural disasters, radiation and Zigzag Missile Strike (CQFD)! introduce.

What is WNIShelter?

We can call the product provided by the Japanese company a portable dugout! This new invention can, depending on the surface chosen, Accommodates one to seven people. Metal cages are shock-resistant, completely sealed, radiation-proof, missile-resistant, biological or chemical weapons. In other words, these shelters can withstand floods, earthquakes, missiles and bombs!To complete its invention, the company includes a filtration system that allows Maintain positive air pressure. This process will keep contaminants out through an efficient filtration system. On the other hand, we haven’t found any information on price or possible delivery!

Image credit: WNIShelter (YouTube screenshot)

Bunker requests skyrocketed!

In the United States, there are many survivors, and so are fallout shelters. In France, on the other hand, there are only 1000 bunkers, 600 belong to French authorities and 400 belong to individuals.Therefore, this protective reflex is not common in France. French fallout shelter manufacturer Artemis Protection explained in an interview with Le Figaro that under normal circumstances, orders would be limited to public or professional companies … but the company observed that since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, an activity I didn’t know it before! Enzo PetroneDirector of Artemis Protection, claims to have received Four orders within 15 daysand nearly 400 requests for information…unheard of!

How much does a French fallout shelter cost?

Artemis Protection is a French-Swiss company that has been supplying DGA (Direction Générale de l’Armement), Engie or Airbus since 2012… They offer shelters for 6 people and a surface area of ​​up to 2000 m². Bunker available in two or three months At the time of this writing, delays may be extended.The brand’s sanctuary is equipped with coping Atomic, nuclear, radiological, biological, chemical accident, explosion or explosion. For comfort and the most important original function, which is to stay there, they are equipped with bunk beds, dry toilets, armored doors and windows and ventilation systems… For the price, About 6100 euros per square meter !EUR 86,000 for a small area of ​​14 m² or EUR 280,000 for a “large” area of ​​26 m²… if you decide to add a generator for 127,000 euros, then 10,000 euros per square meter… we let you recalculate… if you want to know more: Artemis protection.


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