A lively start to the year for the music industry

>> Top Vietnamese songs: Den Vâu dominates the new ranking billboard
>>A breath of fresh air for Vietnamese music

The poster for the song “Gieo que” by Hoàng Thuy Linh. Photo: BVH/CVN

1Ah In January, singer Hoàng Thùy Linh released her music video titled Gieo that (prayer for happiness). Composed by musician Khac Hung, this song explores new melodies, specifically blending the very catchy sounds of Vietnamese folk music with modern and youthful arrangements to create a work that is both traditional and contemporary.

Gieo that also sees participating in the feature of very popular rapper Den Vâu. prayer for luck is inspired by the Vietnamese custom of visiting temples and pagodas at the beginning of the year and praying for good omens for the coming year.

Hoàng Thùy Linh shared in his music video: “I want to bring some spiritual power to the community during Lunar New Year 2022 as an encouragement to everyone fighting COVID-19… In particular, I hope that with this musical product I can encourage and inspire women.”‘ said the singer.

Following the release of Hoàng Thùy Linh’s music video, a number of new videos about Traditional Tet 2022 have been released, including Me too! Tet van dam xa (Mummy, Tet is a thousand miles away in English) composed by Tang Nhât Tuê and performed by Bùi Anh Tuân as part of the Vietnam Musical Gala 2022 program.

Bùi Công Nam, finalist of the first edition of the reality show “Sing my Song”, also released a new single with the title Tet nay con se vê (I’ll be returning for Tet this year) with the message: “Tet cannot be complete and cannot begin until all family members are found.“. Meanwhile, in early 2022, a number of musical projects were released by the singers. : Trên chuyên xe Dà Lat chiêu nay; Minh yêu dên dây thôi, Em da co nguoi moi (by singer Toc Tiên); It does em xui thôi (by singers Châu Dang Khoa, Sofia and Khoi) ; Mo uoc cua mir (QuanAP) or gap can (Wren Evans) …

Just before Valentine’s Day, February 14, the young singer Amee released her song Thay me cô gai yêu anh, sends a sweet love message to the girls. Composed by musician Kai Dinh, this song belongs to the pop ballad genre with poetic lyrics reflecting a girl’s sweet and romantic thoughts for her first lover.

Singer Duc Phuc also introduced the audience to a new Valentine’s Day clip. this is the song Ngày dâu tien (First day). In this project, Duc Phuc continued his collaboration with the “hitmaker”, the guru of hit songs, Khac Hung.

Vu Thang Loi released an eight-song vinyl record arranged by musician Duc Tri. Photo: PNVN/CVN

For his part, Vu Thang Loi released an eight-song vinyl disc, arranged by musician Duc Tri, with young and modern melodies. In particular, this new product utilizes the materials of traditional Vietnamese and Western musical instruments.

Many singers also continued to organize online music programs, including My Tâm with its two online concerts My soul 1981. With a modern blend of acoustics and “lofi chill” style, these old songs never fail to win listeners’ hearts thanks to the famous singer’s deep voice.


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