All Geek Ages, Patreon, Anime Reactions, and How Two Geek Sisters Changed the Meaning of “Geek.”

All Ages Geek is by geeks for geeks. For years, All Ages of Geek patrons on YouTube and Patreon have enjoyed hilariously loud but analytical reactions and reviews of cartoons, movies, and TV shows. Some customers consider All Ages of Geek a rare find, or a “gem” (as the sisters call certain underrated shows) because they’re being swamped by a wave of YouTube reactors, but are still battling the algorithm themselves.

As an LLC, All Ages of Geek has many responsibilities and struggles. Their entire business is funded by the crowdfunding website Patreon, which gives them the flexibility and freedom to design however they and their audience see fit.

“We still market our Patreon as a subscription-based platform where customers get over hundreds of videos a month.” Katya Stec mentioned this when discussing the logistics of All Ages of Geek’s Patreon. “We always shoot at a constant pace. Sometimes we don’t finish until 11pm or start at 3am. Anyway, we keep working. We’re not growing as fast as some reactors because of our niche content, but we don’t take shortcuts. »


This is one of the reasons All Ages of Geek, the subsidiary of Studio Stec, is now a Patreon Ambassador. Under the auspices of Patreon, the Creator Ambassador program brings together “creators of all kinds who are building amazing communities on Patreon.” The program team includes Jane Nadaraja and Travis Morningstar, two great Patreon contributors. This program allows creators to chat more closely with the Patreon team, receive advice on how to capitalize on the growth of the Patreon page, potentially collaborate with other creators, and get the best experience on Patreon as a creator.

All Ages of Geek became part of this ambassador program not only because of their website and growing community, but also because of their rarity on the internet. Let’s talk.

There are thousands of reaction channels on YouTube, from group reactions to solo, hundreds of thousands going viral overnight. While All Ages of Geek had hit reactions like their “Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared” reaction, which hit over a million views, or their “Esoteric” and “The Legend of Vox Machinas” reactions, which Offered a sea of ​​support, It’s surprising that few people have spotted this duo.

So what makes All Ages of Geek different? A sister duo with opposite dynamics, Katya Stec and Tatiana Stec bring something different to the YouTube Reaction table. It’s just that they’re bringing a discussion to the table, as they call it, “bringing conversations back to the dinner table”. Despite not being seated at the table (although that would be a great reaction series) and doing most of the reactions from the comfort of their studio couch, the sisters are speaking to the audience, not them. They discuss unbiased opinions, keep discussions open and provide honest/genuine feedback. They also do very specialized reactions like Kamen Rider, Super Sentai, and 1980s anime reactions.

“We create content for anyone who needs a friend to watch shows with. Whether we’re laughing, crying or shocked by a big show reveal, we do it, we react so people who need a friend can enjoy shows with us like two crazy sisters on a couch!

All Ages of Geek has been on Patreon for years, providing interactive content to its audience. Content includes reactions to shows like Dragon Ball Z, Game of Thrones, One Piece and movies like Star Wars or cult classics like An American Werewolf in London.

“In 2021, Patreon approached us with the idea of ​​becoming a Patreon Ambassador.” Tatiana Stec was happy to share her thoughts on her inclusion in the program. “It’s amazing that our hard work is finally paying off after so many years.”

All Ages of Geek uses its Patreon Ambassador status to interview other creators, share their stories, and find new ways to grow their audience. This form of community and “Geek Union” makes All Ages of Geek what it is today. Many reactors on YouTube have grown their Patreon pages to thousands of supporters overnight due to a preference for YouTube algorithms (as many have expressed in the past). All Ages of Geek is a channel that, while not affiliated with any reaction group circle, still strives to grow in support of its humble cause as a creator.

“There is a huge circle of reactors supporting each other and giving each other tips and tricks to beat the YouTube algorithm. It’s like that scene in Mean Girls or Kamen Rider Fourze when the main character goes into a cafeteria and sees all the cliques. We tried to adapt to them, but it never worked. Usually we were ignored or didn’t conform to the “norm” that these reactors had to join their group. It’s like high school, but we didn’t take shortcuts. You know how Mean Girls ends, right?

Expressing their gratitude to Patreon, Katya and Tatiana Stec said, “We were thrilled to hear that Patreon wanted us to be a part of their program. Not only do we get to know their team personally, but they have been very helpful in what we should do to improve our site in the best possible way. This program is a great way to learn more and build a great, supportive community. Our goal is to create a safe space for those who feel alone in the world, and Patreon helps us every day.

All Ages of Geek also has a Discord server where customers and non-customers can interact. Free Discord is a great way for the sister duo to interact with their audience, from polls, text chats and live events.

“Events have been suspended due to living conditions and the reorganization of roles in the community, but we hope to return later in the year with lots of positive vibes and energy.” Events are organized by Discord moderators and include games such as Among Us or GMod. Sometimes they are even hosted as random chats that gather viewers of all geek ages.

Patreon has brought the All Ages of Geek community together in ways they never imagined.

“It’s one of the reasons we’re so grateful to Patreon. They gave us our dream job, supported us all the way and helped us unite geeks of all ages.

If you want to learn more about All Ages of Geek, be sure to check out her work on social media. They are on a mission to unite those who feel alone in the world and entertain their audience so everyone can smile and embrace their inner geek.


“All Ages Geeks, LLC. is a production, entertainment and streaming service focused on geek culture, producing content for both children and adults. Webisodic entertainment in the form of a monthly subscription service is the frontline product of All Ages of Geek, LLC. This service includes early and behind-the-scenes access to original video series, talk shows, on-the-go and remote interviews, and podcasts, and offers subscribers special access to beta projects. The All Ages Interactive Approach by Geek, LLC. also includes in its subscription service a series of weekly voice chat events with an audience. All Ages Geeks, LLC. also provides production services for convention coverage, event films, commercial productions and all forms of multimedia. All Ages Geeks, LLC. entertains and provides services for the “geek” and “all ages” entertainment niche. Key demographics include young adult males ages 16-34 in the United States. The Services cater to geeks of all ages who are not just looking for entertainment to stream, but a safe and interactive community to interact with online and offline. All Ages of Geek is the subsidiary of Stec Studio »


“Patreon is an American membership platform that provides content creators with business tools to manage a subscription service. It helps creators and artists earn a monthly income by offering rewards and perks to their followers. »


“Stec Studio is a sister-owned media publisher and content distributor focused on technology, digital and literacy media. Our affiliates, All Ages of Geek, LLC and Meta Wired Media, distribute and create content for web, print, and live event coverage.


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