Animal Crossing: 5 key features still missing in New Horizons

The conference, which took place on October 15, 2021, is probably one of the best live shows Nintendo has ever put on. In response to fan expectations that have been waiting since last March, Animal Crossing Direct has surprised and amazed won over the community by adding key missing features like Astrid, the Café de Robusto, the island decrees or the return of Tortimer. Not to mention the free cost of this major update, which on November 5th was accompanied by a €25 DLC offering a brand new game within the game: Happy Home Paradise.

If all of this leaves fans disappointed, you need to come and tell us how that’s possible. However, Nintendo was clear on two important points:

  • Update 2.0 was that latest major free ACNH update,
  • The Happy Home Paradise DLC was the first and also the last paid content produced for ACNH.

Therefore, even if the title has still received some patches to fix bugs since November 5, 2021, you will have to get used to the thought that Animal Crossing New Horizons will never receive new content again. So let’s go back to 5 Big Fan Expectations That Haven’t Been Added and Never Will Be Added.

Not too serious flaws

Working at the Café de Robusto

This is now fully verified: it is not not possible to work in the Café de Robusto like in previous games. Too happy to find this wonderful pigeon in her humble perch, we’ll admit that if it’s no longer possible to order and bring her favorite cafes to the residents, it doesn’t matter so much.

Celeste’s Observatory

A little sadder here, although that adorable owl is definitely in-game, Celeste only pops in every now and then to give us special items on holiday nights.shooting stars. We will of course be happy with that, but we would have liked thatobservatory makes a comeback on Switch, especially since it’s a touchscreen console: it wouldn’t have been difficult to use a stylus like on the DS to draw constellations and be able to observe them in our sky in the evening.

To 100% complete your museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons, in this guide you will find the complete list of paintings and other sculptures that can be obtained from Rounard, as well as explanations so as not to confuse the real ones with the fake ones. Goodbye fakes!

Zelda furniture and the missing residents

Despite the anniversary of the hero in the green suit and his princess’ license, we’re still not treated to the return of the Zelda furniture series to ACNH. This could be the opportunity to release a mini update this summer, who knows? In the meantime, we can say goodbye to these adorable objects, while those of Mario, they, have been added.

Likewise, and this is normal this time, a little more than 80 inhabitants were forgotten in this opus. Of course, given the large number already available, we’re not going to complain. Especially since Shino, Alix or Shimi largely compensate for this deficiency.

Present in previous games, some Animal Crossing license residents have been ousted from the latest opus! Discover in pictures some of these animals that could have been your neighbors in New Horizons!

Carla and the Nook Shop expansion

However, the 2.0 update delighted us with the return of Astrid the Psychic, Admiral, Robusto and even Tortimer! But there are still some characters that will never make a comeback in ACNH. We especially think of Carla and her luxury furniture. Let’s face it, we’re still super excited to find the Rococo series and tons of new furniture in the game, but the return of the giraffe Carla would probably have allowed the Nook Shop to expand by offering a second floor that many players were waiting for. .

Image: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki - Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki

Carla’s beautiful furniture

Carla has been with Animal Crossing since the very first installment. In the first few games, you had to help him clean his car, and the player received a special outfit for this.

Carla is a giraffe, but above all a giraffe luxury stylist and famous! From the opus for Wii, she will settle in the city to sell luxurious, and therefore very expensive, furniture and clothes. On New Leaf, she offered the player style challenges: what Maria is now doing in New Horizons. Also, the shop “Galeries Carla” was run by the giraffe, but it was often Maria (sister of Layette and Cousette) who was the saleswoman in her absence.

Image: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki - Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki
Image: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki - Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki

If Carla appears to have been replaced by Maria in New Horizons, the sublime furniture she offered is still missing. Many fans therefore wish, for example, for the return of the Bonbon furniture series.

The Nook Mall

Speaking of Galeries Carla, they had a presence on the top floor of the Nook mall. This building was then much larger than the Méli et Mélo shop that we know from New Horizons. With the staircase behind the counter, there is no doubt that the shop will soon benefit from a new extension: certainly a second floor.

In previous games, the mall was a fusion between the Nook Shop, Root’s shop (plants and trees), and Carla’s shop.

Image: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki - Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki

For comparison, in Animal Crossing New Leaf (the last opus on Nintendo 3DS), the Nook store was able to benefit from 5 expansions before reaching its maximum (Hypernook). Currently on ACNH, most sellers have now settled on Joe’s Island.

Exotic fruits and perfect fruits

This is probably the biggest disappointment of this update and the DLC. Arriving in the Lou archipelago, many expected to have the opportunity to pick Bananas, lemons and other lychees. The worst part of all this is that some cooking recipes use these fruits and that Morris, who takes us to the island, tells us about exotic fruits. We’ll have to be content with the 6 fruits that are already present on the main island, but let’s be satisfied with being able to grow wheat, carrots and other vegetable sprouts now.

Animal crossing new horizons

But did you know that other fruits were available in previous games?

In Animal Crossing: New Leaf, six new exotic fruits are added to the series: bananas, lemons, mangoes, lychees, persimmons, and durians. It was possible to make trips to bring her back to his island!

In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp, the mobile game, grapes appear for a total of 7 fruits that are not already on Animal Crossing Switch!

What are perfect fruits?

In the same way, finding perfect fruit is possible on New Leaf and Pocket Camp. They are a different color than the regular fruit and are worth much more when resold. They appear on fruit trees completely randomly, but it’s possible to plant perfect fruit to get more (watch out for rotten fruit though!).

happy cakes

Lucky cakes were first introduced on New Leaf (3DS): you could buy two a day in the Méli et Mélo shop. Upon opening, the player then encountered exclusive furniture such as consoles, furniture from the Mario or Zelda collection and much more.

Cakes are also present on Pocket Camp with a system a little closer to loot boxes (it’s possible to spend real money to get them). In the mobile game (free), cakes are a way to get exclusive furniture (not present in other games) and with certain themes.

Animal crossing new horizons
Animal crossing new horizons

The auction house

Only available on the Wii opus, the auction house made it possible Auction items in all auction houses in cities on the player’s friends list. In short, it was possible to submit items over the Internet to be visible in your friends’ auction houses. You can also use this function to buy your friends’ items.

You must then choose a starting price for your item and wait for your friends to bid.

A great feature that would come in very handy in Animal Crossing New Horizons and also a good alternative to Nookazon right?

Image: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki - Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image: Animal Crossing Fandom Wiki

NPCs that have disappeared

next to the Doctor Ciboulot, some emblematic NPCs of the license are still missing. For example we find:

  • Max, Marie’s twin brother, who suggested a Witness Village: The player could then visit the homes of other players he met via the StreetPass.
  • Opelia and her sister Elizabeth who held the post office of the previous works. Anthony, he brought the mail. Today all you have to do is go to the airport and use the postcard turnstile to send letters.
  • bianca, the faceless white cat that happened to come to the cities: a face then had to be drawn for her.
Image: Animal-crossing-020498 - Animal Crossing New Horizons
Image: animal-crossing-020498
  • charlie : We had an event with this adorable cat (the maze) but we have to admit we miss his dialogues! Before that, he accompanied the player until they moved in.
  • Lionel who was the manager of the AJD (Academy of Merry Decorators),
  • helium who popped up from time to time to give away balloons and other paraphernalia.

Note that if all of these features are not present in ACNH, it doesn’t matter. New Horizons is a different game from its predecessors and offers new content (e.g. crafting or cooking). It doesn’t need to copy old games and has become much more comprehensive since the 2.0 update.

Yes, you read it right. That’s why the Egg Festival, also known as Easter, is THE event not to be missed in Animal Crossing New Horizons. If you don’t want Albin stalking you at night, read this article.

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