Animal Crossing New Horizons: The Charming Web Guide

The famous painting, the enchanting canvas, is part of the recoverable works in Animal Crossing New Horizons. But be careful to avoid fakes!

In the aisles of the Animal Crossing art gallery, you can switch from one artistic style to another in just a few seconds. At the center of the 43 works in this part of the museum are works by Leonardo da Vinci, a vegetal canvas oddly resembling a face, or even Japanese prints.

While many of the works present are known because they were created by great painters, few are known because they are associated with something else.

However, it is the case the enchanting web, better known as La Laitière. A canvas that leaves no one indifferent because many people have come across it in real life without knowing it!

A painting associated with dairy products in the collective unconscious

Even if you’ve never been to a museum, you know the enchanting canvas. In fact she was the symbol of the yoghurt brand of the same name. In advertising for this brand, it’s not uncommon to see the milkmaid come to life to make different yoghurts.

title “The Milkmaid”this table was painted around 1658 by the Dutch painter Johannes Vermeer.

The Milkmaid, also known as the enchanting canvas in Animal Crossing New Horizons

This isn’t the only painting by the master to appear in the Animal Crossing saga. In New Horizons it is also possible to salvage the pearlescent canvas from the same painter.

On the painting “The Milkmaid” we can see a young maid in the kitchen. She prepares a recipe and Pour milk into a large bowl. This painting belongs to the category of genre scenes, that is, works depicting everyday scenes.

How to get the charming web in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Unlocked the museum

To add this work to your collection it is essential having the museum on your island. This will be unlocked automatically once you have given Thibou 60 different items.

The entrance to the museum in Animal Crossing New Horizons

These can be insects, fish or even fossils. Before that, the museum attendant lives in a tent and has no place to store artworks.

The construction of the museum allows the use of several special wings, including the art gallery. If there are definitely no objects in the only wing of the museum when the building opens, a street vendor will come very quickly to offer you some.

Wait for Rounard to arrive while you have enough bells

Unlike other museum objects found in nature, theWorks of art (paintings as well as sculptures) must be purchased. However, they are not in the Nook Store though in Rounard’s wandering stables.

The interior of Rounard's boat and the artworks he may sell

Initially, this curious-looking fox will only come to your island once a week. Be careful though, he never comes on Saturdays or Sundays. His boat then docks at the small secluded beach to the north of your island.

Go straight to her shop when you unlock her

With the 2.0 update You can suggest Rounard to permanently install a small shop on the island of Joe. It will then cost you 100,000 Bells. His shop is open every day except the day he visits your island.

But in addition to seeing him on the day he is there, you have to provide money. The work is not free and Rounard makes you pay. Each artwork will cost you 4,980 Bells.

The enchanting canvas when offered at Rounard

Please note that during your visit to Rounard, There is no guarantee that the enchanting canvas will be there. On each of his visits, the street vendor offers a random rotation of multiple arrays and sculptures.

You may have to wait several turns before seeing the enchanting canvas arrive in their holdings. And even if you see it over, it’s not guaranteed to be the real work being offered. Because even if he says he’s honest, Rounard won’t hesitate to roll you in flour for a few bells.

Discover the real enchanting web and its fake in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Unlike some other canvases which absolutely must be authentic, Rounard’s charming canvas can be counterfeited.

Nevertheless, the fox is not necessarily a good copier, because he forgets to copy one or more details of the paintings he reproduces. These small details serve as clues to tell a real canvas from a fake and don’t be fooled.

In the case of the charming web The detail is pretty subtle. And remember, just think milk to make yogurt.

Too much milk was poured into the jug

The young servant does not pour on the real canvas as a little trickle of milk in his big jug. gold she pours a lot of milk into the fake. It even feels like pouring an entire pitcher at a time.

The difference between real and fake canvas

So look closely at the white milky ray to know if the work in front of you is real or fake.

The enchanting canvas, a great classic of the Animal Crossing saga

It’s not uncommon for the webs available in an Animal Crossing game to change from game to game. However, the charming web is an exception. It really is one of the few works that was included in all western works of the saga.

It first appeared in Animal Crossing on Gamecube and is available in all major games that followed, as well as the Happy Home Designer spin-off.

The two Vermeer canvases available in Animal Crossing New Horizons

Of course, his fakes have changed over time. For example, in New Leaf it was easier to tell the real work from the fake because the servant was not wearing a headdress. Despite this, the web has traversed the history of Animal Crossing. And if you want to add it to your art gallery, you know what to do!

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