Article L.3131-5 of the Law on Public Procurement provides that the concessionaires must draw up an annual report containing, in particular, the accounting of all operations related to the execution of the concession contract and an analysis of the quality of the works or services.

Below I present you with a summary of the reports of the delegates of Golf and Pic du Jer.

I indicate that these are the subject of a document attached to the management account and available for inspection at the Town Hall (Pôle des Assemblées).


Société Golf Référence / AIMG Gestion is the holder of the public service contract for the management of the Golf de Lourdes for a period of 5 years. This contract began on January 1st, 2019 and ends on December 31st, 2023.

The Golf de Lourdes actively participates in the valorization of an exceptional environmental site by offering an attractive range of services for all, in a declared mission of public service and with the desire to get closer and achieve the operational balance essential to the community.

The desire of the concessionaire is to raise the level of this structure in a long-term sustainable development strategy so that it remains a key element of the city of Lourdes and thus includes it in the local tourist assets.

After a difficult lockdown period, the 2021 financial year has seen great momentum with a growing number of new golfers.


It consists of 8 employees and one trainee for the summer time. 5 people in the field and 3 at the reception.

• No significant changes affecting the situation of personnel working within the contracted service.

• No change to the applicable collective agreement.

• There were no significant accidents at work during the year.

• 172 hours (for 3 TIG) on the golf course in 2021.

• No changes in the organization of the service despite the departure of the greenkeeper to terminate his contract and the transfer of an agent to the city of Lourdes.


The total number of visits is counted by NETGOLF, a new software that equips more than 120 golf courses in France. For 2021 there are 5,731 players.

Under these passages, 2,078 green fees are counted (foreign players who pay per game).

Most of the players come from departments 64 and 65, 80% of them men with an average age of almost 65 years.

The 2021 season means 128 subscriptions for a total of 161 people (including couples).

The partnership agreement with SIMAJE results in 5 schools and about a hundred children from leisure centers playing golf. In addition, an information/introductory campaign took place in 7 schools.


The problem of restoring holes 13, 14 and 15 using a “top dressing” method, consisting of a significant addition of sand that allows the soil to be stabilized, is still relevant.

With the establishment of the integration area around the lake, the continuation of stone removal on the course and the cleaning of the undergrowth, undergrowth and the nets of the practice could be resumed.


• The CARRARO tractor purchased in 2019 was replaced with a more powerful and better adapted BCS model for an amount of €35,460 excluding VAT.

• The installation of irrigation on the descents, for an amount of €8,584 excluding taxes, improves soil quality and has been complemented by specific training for gardeners.


The Pro Shop recorded a turnover of €8,883 excl. VAT, i.e. 30% more than when it entered the dealership in 2019.

The golf professional announces €19,108 plus VAT linked to the observed increase in subscriptions and in particular the creation of a discovery formula that means 30 additional subscriptions.

The turnover for 2021 amounts to €437,083, of which €242,556 in compensation for public services paid by the City of Lourdes.

Operating income amounted to €460,204, operating expenses amounted to €477,416, ie an operating deficit of €-17,213.

Taking extraordinary income into account leads to a positive net result of €16,858 with income of €495,321 and expenses of €478,462, a slight increase compared to 2020 of €6,077.

It should be noted that the result takes into account a cash advance of €25,000 from the L’OCCAL Fund of the Occitania Region, an advance to be repaid from May 2022 to the end of 2023, the end date of the concession.


By deliberation of October 15, 2018, the City Council recorded the use of the public service delegation for the operation of the Pic du Jer for a period of 5 years from April 19, 2019, accompanied by an optional tranche of nine years if the Number of visitors exceeds 100,000 per year.

The public service concession signed with EDEIS Concessions defines the tasks and assigns the following objectives:

– operation and management of the funicular,

– reception of the public on site,

– design and implementation of a new offer of tourist and sports services,

– care and maintenance of the goods, areas and buildings provided,

– advertising and marketing of the website,

– Increase in visitor numbers.

Since April 2021, the management of EDEIS has decided to set up a regional business organization. This makes it possible to optimize the links between management and the local teams to oversee the general policy of the group, to manage the problems of the different dossiers and to strengthen the links with the delegating party thanks to the local representation of the group. ‘EDEIS.


Sales for the 2021 financial year amounted to €552,440, of which 83% came from the checkout and 17% from products from the shop and restaurant.

Ticket revenue includes sales of the funicular for €363,805, the grotto for €18,842, mountain biking for €58,836 and the 2L pass for €16,668.

Among the ancillary income, it is worth noting a significant increase in restaurant income.

Operating expenses amount to €566,691 and are made up of 41% personnel costs, 27% external services, 15% purchasing, and 3% taxes and duties.

The operating result shows a deficit of – 14,252 €, the net result with IS shows a deficit of – 86 €.


Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, the permit to open the site was effective only from May 19, 2021. The summer/winter opening times were observed with the exception of early weather-related closures.

The unfavorable weather up to the end of July had a negative impact on visitor numbers, but only two early weather-related early closures at the beginning of the afternoon and one at the very end of the season (November) were recorded in the first half of the year. With 42,043 visits in 2021 versus 32,825 in 2020, the comparison is insignificant compared to the number of additional opening days in 2021 due to the shorter confinement restrictions.

The constant growth observed over the last few years has stalled, with customer growth of just 4% over the season compared to 2020 with 5 more weeks of operation in 2021. Competition from newly opened mountain tourist resorts can be a limiting factor should be studied over a longer period of time.

However, several events were organized on site:

• 3 escape games organized by Cohésion took place throughout the Pic du Jer site,

• A special Mother’s Day with food and musical afternoon,

• the fireworks on July 14 with a barbecue and musical entertainment,

• Summer afternoon DJ set: entertainment on Friday or Saturday (depending on the weather) between July 14th and August 31st,

• The PYR-EPIC VTT, which arrived after two days of racing at the Pic du Jer (Pic du Midi/Barèges/Luz-Ardiden/Pibeste and Pic du Jer) with 300 participants.


Between the last week of January and the first week of February, MECAMONT carried out the annual checks of the machines, cabins and line maintenance. On the same dates, the SEIREL company was responsible for the electrical inspection.

The tests under load showed a cable twist of one meter, which necessitated a shortening and for the future a funicular speed of 2m/sec.


New control and ticketing devices have been installed, allowing the purchase and payment by bank card (with or without contact) of tickets for pedestrians and the reloading of smart cards for the day for mountain bikes.

In addition, a pedestrian gate and a mountain bike/PRM gate for reading QR codes on tickets issued by our ticket offices, vending machines, our website or the NPY website automatically open access for ticket holders.

Finally, the outdoor station was painted in two stages. Front and south facades in March and April, north and rear facades in June and July for a satisfactory result.

There were no significant incidents in 2021, but worrying signals throughout the year regarding the state of the funicular’s electrical and electronic installation indicate the urgent need to refurbish the entire installation.

Installation after 26 years of service has become obsolete. Original and high-stakes large parts are no longer available in the event of a breakdown.

At the start of the season, the area around the route was completely cleared and the hiking trails were maintained and the mountain bike routes were marked for the recurring operations. The cleaning and lighting of the caves was also carried out.


The workforce as of December 31, 2021 is 3 employees on permanent contracts. The list of employees on fixed-term contracts is variable and there are no employees on contract as of 12/31/2021. A total of 12 CDDs were discontinued.

Neither social conflicts nor strikes were observed within EDEIS Pic du Jer in 2021.

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