Artemis Group acquires remote monitoring specialist Domoveil

Artemis Group’s business is organized around six missions: Hospitality, Personnel Safety, Security, Malicious Behavior and Fire Safety, Training and Remote Monitoring.

Artemis Group’s history begins in 1997 with Artemis Security, a service company specializing in human safety. “I’m still in business school and Artemis Security was created to provide security for student gatherings.” The company Nord’s strategy to develop throughout France (the Artemis Group’s administrative headquarters in Noyelles-sous-Lens and its headquarters in the metropolis of Lyon) naturally led its leaders to create the Artemis Group in 2014.

Artemis Events, a subsidiary of the group dedicated to hotel services for companies, trade shows or sporting events, represents a major growth area.

Global BtoB Security Products

Then, with the contribution of new technologies and the strengthening of stricter legislation, the security market is in full swing. In order to meet the increasingly diverse needs of its customers, key players in distribution, service sectors and industries, the group has structured its global offer through various subsidiaries. “Our customers have approached us about other security businesses, and to meet these new needs, we have created specific subsidiaries”, Mohand Foughali explained. Therefore, the group quickly opened its own training center to train its employees like other players in the market, a corporate university that promotes specific and regulated security professions through professional and qualified training.

Artemis Group offers recognized and acclaimed expertise in the fire protection market.

Subsidiaries were subsequently created around mobile security, fire protection, reception, electronic security and entities dedicated to supporting customers in international markets. “Welcome is a growing subsidiary at companies, trade fairs or sporting events (for example during the RC Lens conference). We have also just signed a three-year, €3.3 million per year contract with ilévia, which will Begins April 1.” and add: “We support our clients’ international projects, especially conducting safety audits when opening new sites overseas. This group subsidiary also aims to support our own development abroad.”

Personal, new opportunities for growth

The acquisition of Domoveil marks a new stage in the development of the group. With the emergence of a new market: the personal market. “Domoveil has been in the nationwide remote monitoring market for 34 years. It’s a company with expertise, technology leadership, and a solid reputation. Mohand Foughali guarantee. Therefore, we have our own remote monitoring center that allows the group to market its first offer to individuals. Only 10% of French households are equipped with an alarm system, which is a huge market! By providing professional equipment to the public, we have real arguments to make. It is also an opportunity for Artemis Group to provide new responses to the needs of its clients and potential clients. “

Therefore, Artemis Group’s business revolves around six tasks: reception, personnel safety, security, malicious behavior and fire safety, training and now remote monitoring. For a workforce of 2,000 employees and a turnover of EUR 40 million in 2021, it should be around EUR 52 million in 2022, “Despite the Pandemic” Welcome to its general manager. “However, there are two shadows in the picture. Hiring is difficult as we face severe labor shortages. And lower margins in the security business. Growth prospects are very promising in France (where we are in the top 20) and internationally, with another 15% to 20% expected in 2022. Therefore, the group will continue to grow in the coming years. But our principals – who have suffered losses in recent months – must be able to pay for their services at a level of investment in personnel safety, agent training, etc. This represents a huge cost that is not always accepted. »

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