Asma Nemri Ayari: “Artemis African Sourcing Specialist.”

Interview with Asma Nemri Ayari, Founder and Managing Director of Artemis Sourcing.

Since 2017, ARTEMIS SOURCING is the only company in Tunisia dedicated to searching the market for the most complex, rare and required profiles, namely: IT profiles. It is also a training company for recruiters and HR consulting. Can you tell us more about your mission and service?

The company ARTEMIS SOURCING, founded by a passion for the recruitment industry and a strong desire to develop this magnificent industry on our continent, is now positioned as the only company in Tunisia specializing in the search of IT profiles. We offer innovative forms of collaboration based on a high degree of agility to best meet the needs of our clients. We have developed proactive and targeted talent acquisition strategies designed to recruit the best talent based on clear needs, applying our knowledge of smart procurement, data scraping, procurement automation and many other state-of-the-art procurement technologies. ARTEMIS SOURCING is also the first and only company in Africa to train recruiters and manager recruiters. Through exclusive content, we bring a touch of innovation and technology to the craft of African recruitment transformation. In fact, we are the exclusive representative of the French Recruitment Academy in Africa, with a unique French-language procurement and recruitment certification that will allow recruiters to develop technically while also enhancing their skills and expertise.

In addition, we support our clients’ HR projects with consulting assignments in HR, HR Marketing, Procurement and Recruitment. We help optimize the overall performance of a company by providing internationally recognised scientific tools for employee behavioural and cognitive assessment, allowing us to provide training programmes that are perfectly adapted to skills development. .

In Tunisia or Africa, the IT professional market is booming, but it still falls short of the expectations of future employees and recruiters. As the first African to be certified in procurement and recruitment, what do you see as the main barriers and how to overcome them?

Given the speed of technological development and the acceleration of digitalization, the IT professional market is a rapidly changing market. The persistence of the COVID-19 environment has had a positive impact on amplifying digitization, so new standards and requirements have emerged in today’s required profile.

Facing a rapidly changing market, our first hurdle was recognizing the impact of recruiting, long considered a cross-functional function with low added value and no need for expertise. Fortunately, the strategic importance of recruiting has been recognized in recent years. Once the impact of the recruiting profession is recognized, stakeholders (recruiters and companies) need to become more sophisticated to build and equip the profession: articulate needs, briefs, implement strategic search profiles, use entitlement sourcing techniques and real skills.

In fact, through our mission, we have been able to observe that occupations are now growing faster, a phenomenon that has been achieved through the continuous development of required technical and behavioral skills. The procurement industry must adapt to these changes and must be flexible to the changing demands of the job market.

SITIC AFRICA ABIDJAN 2022 will include you as one of the participants. Your presence at this exhibition will be an opportunity for ARTEMIS SOURCING to expand in French-speaking Africa. Talk about your next project?

One of our first goals is to support the career development of recruiters in Africa. In fact, we know we are part of a continent rich in skills and human capital. Today we are mainly targeting the North African, European and Canadian markets and our presence at SITIC AFRICA in Abidjan in 2022 is in general a prospect for the development and opening of the French-speaking African market, a future market, ARTEMIS SOURCING intends to position itself as a major player that will develop professional profiles in procurement and recruitment activities for professionals, but also for candidates, career fairs and exchanges with students, through technology, tools and a perfect understanding of different ITs. Through this approach, we aim to facilitate access to new markets for African resources and to highlight the potential of our continent in the job market.

Author: Laila Ben Mansour

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