Audi Artemis and Volkswagen Trinity. 2024 Special Electrical Projects

The Volkswagen Group is leading two innovative and high-end electric vehicle projects at the same time. The namesake brand has named its own Trinity; Audi has named its program Artemis. Connectivity and autonomous driving are on the menu. They are not expected to be commercialized before 2024.

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The Volkswagen “Trinity” is expected to be produced in Wolfsburg, Germany.


The Volkswagen Group is working hard to develop state-of-the-art electric vehicles, determined to outperform the competition in the transformation the automotive industry is currently undergoing. As a result, the Audi and Volkswagen brands each came up with the development of vehicles intended to be used as showcases.

Audi launches Artemis…

In 2020, Audi announced the launch of the Artemis project under the supervision of Alex Hitzinger. Until then, the latter has been in charge of technical development at Volkswagen, having previously been technical director of the Porsche LMP1 team, which won three 24 Hours of Le Mans with the 919 Hybrid. The project includesRapidly develop innovative models without bureaucracy“According to the brand.

Audi’s Artemis project was announced with a covered car.

The first car designed under the program had to be based on a specific platform. Its commercialization is planned for 2024. Still a mystery, it promises to be a top-of-the-line product. The technological advances made to create it will be used by other brands of the Volkswagen Group.

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…and Volkswagen at Trinity

Ralf Brandstätter, general manager of the Volkswagen brand, has just revealed to the German media sunday world The Wolfsburg company is preparing a particularly high-tech electric car as part of a project called Trinity. The name refers to the fact that the car in question must mark a clear evolution in three respects compared to other products: Electrification, autonomous driving and connectivity.It will be a sporty, slender car, measuring just over 4 meters in length. “, the official announcement. The machine is indeed stretched, but it features an odd open grille for electric cars, according to sketches posted on Twitter by Volkswagen Group boss Herbert Diess…

new platform

Vehicles should not use the modular MEB platform that ID.3 specifically uses. It will share certain elements with the architecture of Audi’s Artemis project, rather than taking over it as-is.

The MEB platform should not be used for these two projects.

The main feature of the Trinity project is a completely new software and electronic platform, including an unprecedented user interface. At launch, the car will benefit from Level 2 semi-autonomous driving levels (specifically automatic speed and direction on highways). However, thanks to its 5G connectivity, it is ready for a highly autonomous Level 4 pilot. The price of the car will be “Typical fees a Volkswagen customer can pay”, said Brandstätter, referring to the Potential starting price around 35,000 euros. according to European car newsthe car will be produced in Wolfsburg.

The Volkswagen “Trinity” is expected to be produced in Wolfsburg, Germany.

So everything seems to indicate it won’t be a Volkswagen Aero B. This sedan is derived from the ID concept. The Space Vizzion will be based on the MEB platform and will be over 5m in length and will enter production in Emden in 2023.

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people who ensure consistency

MEB, Artemis, Trinity, and even the platform PPE, which is currently being jointly developed by Porsche and Audi, are all works within the Volkswagen Group related to future electric vehicles. We must meet there!

Markus Duesmann oversees the electric and connected future of the Volkswagen Group.

These various projects are mainly overseen by Markus Duesmann He is also the CEO of Audi, responsible for the research and development work of the Volkswagen Group and the software development work of Car.Software, a subsidiary of the whole group. This has allowed the German giant to maintain synergies between major projects across its various brands, which have become accustomed to some squabbling between engineers.

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