Best Musical Anime That Makes Viewers Learn an Instrument

Many anime genres are action-oriented while others focus on romance, but there are also many music-themed animes. As a medium, anime can offer beautiful music, but also convey the love of the characters visually, inspiring viewers to embrace the music and maybe even choose their own instrument.

Although the following series differ from each other, they all have one detail in common: they show the characters’ passion for music. Viewers can be captivated not only by the story and the visuals, but also by the music. Fans will have a hard time figuring out which instrument they want to learn after watching these three titles.

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His! Euphonium offers a complete musical experience for concert bands

Perhaps the most famous of the three is that of Kyoto Animation His! euphonium. From the studio that brought the world K ON — another music-themed anime — His! euphonium focuses on a high school concert band with its four main daughters: Kumiko, Sapphire, Hazuki, and Reina. With so many members, there are many instruments to demonstrate and select.

Episode 2 shows the girls officially choosing their instruments. Kumiko holds on to the titular euphonium while Sapphire (aka Midori) accompanies her upright bass (aka the double bass). Hazuki learns the tuba as a beginner and Reina chooses the trumpet.

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Although the main cast of His! euphonium consists mainly of brass, there are a variety of others among the other members of the group. It can offer viewers a wide range of tools to experiment with and get inspiration from, as the show’s intriguing storyline focuses on a common problem faced by high school bands: whether they want to work hard and aim high to get the win a national competition, or just indulge and have fun with instruments.

While most band members say openly that they want to work hard and be good, it’s not always like that. Just because they want to win the competition doesn’t mean they’re always willing to work at it. His! euphonium follows this dilemma and examines how students navigate the high school group.

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Kids on the Slope highlights historical jazz music

The next music-inspired anime, children on the slopes, tends to be less discussed, but is still impressive on its own. Although the manga started in 2007 and the anime came out in 2012, the story itself takes place in Nagasaki in 1966, which makes for an interesting piece of music.

children on the slopes follows three main characters: Kaoru Nishimi, a rich boy who just moved to town and plays classical music on the piano, Sentaro Kawabuchi – a known delinquent who loves jazz and plays the drums – and Ritsuko Mukae, Sentaro’s childhood friend. Despite getting off to a rocky start, the three become good friends and even bandmates as the story progresses.

The plot revolves around jazz and how its music influences the lives of the trio as they explore and grow through their teenage years. Viewers can experience music through two different lenses. One is the seasoned lover who has already honed his craft – Sentaro – and the other through the fresh eyes of someone discovering jazz for the first time with Kaoru. With Kaoru and Sentaro proving to be good with their instruments, viewers can easily dive into the good parts of the musical anime and hear the main characters jamming early on.

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Given combines BL romance with rock & roll

given may be more common since it follows a rock band, but it also stands out from the crowd because it’s a BL (Boys Love) anime. But just because there are strong romantic elements doesn’t mean it is given ignore the music.

The story follows the main characters and loves them: Mafuyu Satou, a high school student who still clutches his red Gibson guitar – even though he can’t play it – and Ritsuka Uenoyama, a punk who loves rock and is in a band . After much pleading during a chance encounter on the stairs, Mafuyu not only convinces Ritsuka to fix his guitar, but also teaches him how to play it.

given Then the whole band follows as Mafuyu and Ritsuka grow together, not just as musicians but as teenagers. Since one of the main characters is a beginner in music and Ritsuka has to teach him to play the guitar from the very beginning, seeing Mafuyu’s progress can inspire any viewer to pick up a guitar and start rocking.

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