Bitcoin April 5, 2022: The Road to 60%.

Moderately optimistic – Attempts to win $ 50,000 for bitcoin (BTC) are currently halted by the $ 47,000 to $ 48,000 resistance zone. The decisive battle for bears and bulls, however, is at lower levels.

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In search of the flip: 60% increase possible for bitcoin

The price of Bitcoin goes up up to about $ 47,175 at Bitfinex today, April 5, 2022. The bulls, however, fail to keep the price of the cryptocurrency above $ 47,000, and even $ 46,000. Bitcoin trades at $ 45,652 at the time of writing this article, and currently records a daily loss of 1.42%.

The YouTuber known as Crypto Rover reported that bitcoin is re-testing the 200-day moving average “as support for the first time in 190 days.” He showed in a graph that bitcoin ” increased by 66% within 43 days of the last time it happened! This average is currently between $ 45,000 and $ 46,000.

Crypto Rover Launch – Source: Twitter

Blockware analyst William Clemente also noted that bitcoin is currently trying to turn resistance into $ 44,000 area: $ 46,000 support.

Attempts have been made to reverse the $ 45,000- $ 46,000 support for bitcoin (BTC).
Posted by Will Clemente – Source: Twitter

Can the bulls win this bullish bet? Will this month of April 2022, and more broadly this second quarter, be favorable to them?

Trader Rekt Capital showed in a chart, bitcoin closing “quarterly below mid-range resistance for three consecutive quarters”. However, Bitcoin “managed to form a lower high” during the month, which is above “the lowest high of several quarters” in the orange area of ​​the chart below.

A promising quarter for bitcoin (BTC).
Rekt Capital publication – Source: Twitter

Markets are in a routine with bitcoins fluctuating for several days in this range of $ 45,000 to $ 47,500. Traders and analysts have their eyes set on the $ 45,000- $ 46,000 battle, which could lead to a transformation of this area into an essential support to be able to cross $ 50,000 again, or a bearish break.

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