Bitcoin (BTC) is rising again, take advantage of your LiteBit bonus!

For 2 weeks, Bitcoin has been accumulating green candles! Despite a slight downturn on March 31, the first cryptocurrency on the market settled comfortably above $ 45,500, major resistance now admits. In this article, we’ll introduce you to the LiteBit Exchange, a trusted platform, and how to take advantage of your registration bonus to buy your cryptocurrencies.

Bitcoin is on the rise

How difficult this beginning of the year was in the financial markets! Caused largely by global geopolitical conflicts, this period of tidy has found its resolution. Indeed, Bitcoin oscillated for almost 3 months between $ 33,000 and $ 45,500. However, the March 27 meeting arrived torpedo this glass ceiling to relaunch a bullish momentum. Among the most important catalysts of this progress, the Luna Foundation played a key role in indicating the purchase. Bitcoin to stabilize its stable UST currency.

So it is only natural that traditional indicators turn green. Let’s take it Crypto Fear & Greed Index for example, which gives a good indication of the daily market sentiment. This long wait for the first quarter of 2022 has led to hesitation on the part of retail and institutional investors. Therefore, the indicator has never exceeded its lower limit. However, with this version, we have a whole other song. Look at yourself:

Crypto Fear & Greed Index, Font:

We can conclude that confidence is slowly returning to the world of cryptocurrencies. In this spring recovery, why not adopt a platform registered in France to make your cryptographic purchases? As you can imagine, this is where LiteBit comes in!

LiteBit continues to make noise in Europe

If you’ve been following the log for a while, you already know how effective LiteBit works. For those who discover the platform today, let me do the presentations !

Founded in 2013 in the Netherlands, LiteBit is a running Man of cryptocurrencies. In fact, it allowsbuy, sell and maintain more than 70 cryptocurrencies. As a reminder, we recently introduced all available cryptocurrencies on the exchange, then numbering 45. This increase reflects the dynamism of the project and its willingness to offer an increasingly diverse offer to its customers.

As for its reliability, the exchange is registered with the Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) since 2021. In possession of the prized sesame, the PSAN (Digital Asset Provider) certification, LiteBit has thus become a regulated company in France. Therefore, the platform is planned to be permanently installed in France and continues to be developed throughout Europe.

Because good news never comes alone, LiteBit offers € 20 to all its new verified French users ! An article published a few months ago in Cointribune explained the steps to follow in order to take advantage of it. Here you will find, in particular, an explanation of the need to prove your identity in order to fight fraud. In fact, the use of regulated platforms also improves the image of the blockchain ecosystem by dispelling suspicions of money laundering.

Latest arrivals to the LiteBit, APE and COTI projects

We’ve mentioned it several times, LiteBit is fast, very fast! Just a few days after the announcement of the APE currency, the latter was in the front row of the platform. You can find all the details of this flash list in this March 23rd article.

The COTI project most recently reached the exchange, which delighted fans of blockchain technologies. COTI wants facilitate the implementation of payment solutions for companies. In fact, the project has matured since 2017 and aims to become a necessity in decentralized payments. The applications are endless: merchants, governments, decentralized applications, peer-to-peer exchanges, and so on. Businesses can benefit from the COTI platform to configure their bespoke payment solutions with less effort. You see, one more nugget added to the LiteBit offer!

Bitcoin is regaining color and regaining the trust of the general public. However, we will have to wait for the next upward momentum to bury the spirits once and for all. bassist. In your search for a trusted partner, let yourself be seduced by LiteBit and its € 20 registration bonus for any verified French registration! As explained above, the platform continues to add new projects, recently APE and COTI, and intends to continue to expand to establish itself in Europe!

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