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The Ukrainian war and the pandemic are driving the luxury bunkers market. Image credit: Instagram screenshot

Between the war in Ukraine, the pandemic and global warming, the world’s wealth is increasingly investing in luxury bunkers. These isolated anti-atomic sanctuaries should keep them surviving a global catastrophe for years.

Luxurious residence in the form of a bunker

It’s a rush…to the bunker. Since the start of the war in Ukraine, sales have exploded for sellers of fallout shelters, especially those focused on top-tier products. Orders for US firm Defcon Underground Bunkers jumped 500 percent three weeks after the conflict began. Rising S Bunkers in Texas reported a 1,000% increase in orders. The company specializes in underground homes exclusively sold to wealthy clients.

Prices for these bunkers range from

$40,000 to $100 million

When we see the photo, we understand why. One of its star models, the “l’Aristocrate”, can accommodate up to 50 people. Inside there is a game room, sauna, gym, cinema, swimming pool, and even… a weapons room. The kitchen is custom made. A garage can hold several cars. The complex operates with or without an existing network (electricity and drinking water network). It comes with a surface shelter to protect the entrance and has a ballistic wall and heavy duty blast doors. Palace-like comfort in an anti-atomic shelter. Price?

$8.35 million


Luxury Bunker: $5 million entry fee

Rising S Bunkers’ sales have grown significantly in 2020 at the height of the pandemic. A pioneer in this field, Vivos also specializes in building luxury bunkers around the world. While many of them are located in the United States, there are also some in Europe. For example, Europa 1 in Rottenstein, Germany, was the former Soviet bunker the company reviewed. It can protect up to 500 people a year. The bunker covers nearly 25,000 square meters and is completely safe. Inside there are bars, cinemas, swimming pools, and even a DNA bank that can repopulate the world if necessary. Work started in 2016. At the time, 50,000 families around the world had applied for access to global disaster shelters.The accepted base price is


for adults and


for a child. The wealthy can also enjoy five-star accommodation.These 425sqm freestanding spaces were subsequently sold

Between $3 million and $5 million


kit bunker

When it comes to bunkers, France is one of the least equipped countries. According to the fallout shelter manufacturer Artemis Protection, there are only 1,000 bunkers on French soil, including 400 private and 600 military bunkers. The most worried can turn to the Japanese company WNIShelter. It offers dugouts in kit form to assemble by yourself. According to the company, the metal cages are resistant to natural disasters, radiation and missile attacks.

These wealthy entrepreneurs preparing for the end of the world

to New Zealand. In recent years, residents have seen the island littered with bunkers for anxious billionaires. Many of them are from Silicon Valley. PayPal founder Peter Thiel was one of the first to build an anti-apocalyptic sanctuary on Kiwi Island.If the idea of ​​a climate catastrophe is on everyone’s mind, these big bosses are more looking forward to a civil war-type event, as LinkedIn founder billionaire Reed Hoffman revealed in an interview

New Yorker

: “Will the state be against the rich? Against technological innovation? Will it turn into civil unrest? In any case, more than 50% of Silicon Valley billionaires have bought apocalypse insurance in some way.” Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg Just like that, he built a self-sufficient home on the Hawaiian island of Kauai for $100 million.

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