Broker Artémis founded in Marseille

Not showing up in Marseille is an anomaly when we have a hundred offices in France In recognition of Mathieu Prévost, co-founder of the Artémis agency.

So why did the fourth French broker specializing in tailor-made mortgages decide to take the plunge? ” We have to find the right person!its always a meeting story “, he explained. “The right person” is Stéphanie Blanchard, who is already working at Cafpi in Marseille and is a pioneer and competitor in the field.

Second Artémis Marseille office in October

The Artémis agency is planning a big fight. After the first office not far from the Prado roundabout, ” We will open our second local restaurant in La Joliette in October 2022.This is an old restaurant bar in front of the door and we will voluntarily keep some elements of it “, announced the head of the Marseille agency. This place will be used to house offices, but also Events, conferences around real estate issues “.

Currently, the Marseille branch has 11 employees or independent agents. ” We will turn 20 in January 2023, with a turnover of 2 million euros for the year “Said Stephanie Blanchard. In three years, the agency Artémis also intends to double its operations in France” From 7 offices in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur, including 6 in Alpes-Maritimes, to 20 », announced company co-founder Ludovic Huzieux.

real estate transaction

To achieve these goals, Artémis Brokerage works with a local network of service providers and real estate advisors. On June 16, the day of the inauguration of his Marseille office, 200 people gathered at Massilia Beach, the rooftop of the Prado shopping center. in, ” Our partners, bankers, notaries.The entire local real estate transaction ecosystem “Concludes Xavier Saubestre, CEO of Odealim, who has been the owner of the Artémis agency since 2021.

Artémis brokerage achieved a turnover of 40 million euros in 2021, with an agreed loan amount of 4.55 billion euros. And it plans to reach 50 million euros by the end of 2022. The Group announced a turnover of 170 million euros. ” We are now able to offer all products to real estate professionals », concludes Xavier Saubestre.

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