Business.Animal Treasure Hunt and Easter Chocolate

On Easter, the National Business Forest was filled with laughter from children and their parents. The Association of Parents of Jeanne-d’Arc and the Association of Artemis 55, which gather female hunters, have joined forces to organize a new big egg hunt in the middle of the woods.

spot wildlife

After launching on the trail, instead of looking for little chocolate eggs, these families look for beacons, much like a treasure hunt. Each beacon indicates the presence of a plastic animal that children must find before answering a questionnaire about the local animal lifestyle. As the course progressed, one hundred young participants were able to spot cranes building their nests on the ground, or minks so fond of eggs.

“I don’t know where to go,” a little girl told her mother, looking at a map showing where the beacons were. Taking a quick glance, the mother’s position did not seem to be much better. They quickly found their way back, and with the help of other families, they went on a great treasure hunt in the bright spring sun.

‘We learned something about nature’

“The kids loved it”, “We learned about nature”, “It changed the traditional egg hunt”. At the end of the route, at the entrance of the forest trail, there are different opinions. After a short time in front of a giant rabbit, which gave the quiz answers through a small tape recorder hidden behind it, the children all received a small packet of chocolates.

“We saw Artemis 55 organize this kind of treasure hunt in Vignot, and we thought we could do the same at Commerce, combining it with our traditional egg hunt,” explained the Apel volunteer, welcoming participants. Excited to work with them, we already have other entertainment ideas in the coming months, including a massive environment-themed board game. »

Share hunter knowledge

The choice of placing local fauna in a treasure hunt is not trivial. The Artemis 55 Society, made up of hunting enthusiasts, is keen to share its knowledge of nature with as many people as possible and to raise public awareness of the richness of the Meuse biome. “Our first educational session dates back to 2018. Today is our first in a commercial forest and we are very happy about it. We also want to show that we can all live together in a forest: walkers, Athletes, hunters, rangers…”, explains Association President Catherine Bertaux.

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