The 10 best LGBTQIA+ characters in anime

LGBTQIA+ representation in anime can be found in yaoi, a genre depicting twink young men falling in love. Yaoi has historically been written by a straight woman for straight purposes, but there is good honest queer representation in the medium. Not all queer characters in anime and manga are a walking stereotype, and not all … Read more

The 10 Cutest Anime Characters of All Time

About Crunchyroll Whether it’s her hair, her big eyes, or her adorable personality, there were some absolutely unbelievably cute things anime Characters over the years who have consistently captured and melted hearts. These lovable and visually appealing characters still shine through the storyline of the anime they are in and always stand out among fans. … Read more

All Geek Ages, Patreon, Anime Reactions, and How Two Geek Sisters Changed the Meaning of “Geek.”

All Ages Geek is by geeks for geeks. For years, All Ages of Geek patrons on YouTube and Patreon have enjoyed hilariously loud but analytical reactions and reviews of cartoons, movies, and TV shows. Some customers consider All Ages of Geek a rare find, or a “gem” (as the sisters call certain underrated shows) because … Read more