Cherbourg: Three men charged with cruelty to animals

The abuse images had sparked an impressive wave of outrage.

The case started fromshocking images filmed in March 2019, in Hidden Camera, to Transit center Tollevast (Manche) untilClub L214, an association that uses filmed investigations to raise awareness of the living, transport and slaughter conditions of animals in order to denounce these conditions in the event of mistreatment.

Unbearable images

the Calves, “Babies” aged ten to twenty days, came from Ireland in about twenty cattle wagons, disembarked in transit in Tollevast, weakened, starved, on a site that allows it water them and give them rest after a 17-hour crossing and before resuming a long journey to fattening centers in the Netherlands, Spain or Italy in order to be directed to slaughterhouses.

These pictures have awakened an impressive wave of outrage on social networks when the associations L214 and Eyes on Animals revealed them.

We see calves bumped into the video, ears pulled, one of them thrown to the ground because he lingers on the pacifier that gives him milk. The employee responsible for this violence is filmed as he leans with all his weight on the heads of the calves to force them to drink and jumps several times with both feet on an animal that he has thrown to the ground.

The footage also shows a badly injured calf dragging itself on its front legs to move after being hit.

Recurring and reported facts

The main defendant, a 28-year-old Valognais, admitted his multiple violence on their calves, screaming in comparison to the actions of other employees performing the same tasks. “I went wild, I had family problems at the time,” he told the judge. He also watched the video:

I didn’t know it was so intense!

However, this was not the only time his violence has manifested. A colleague had drawn his attention to his actions: “They are baby animals! One employee complained about her attitude towards a manager at the center.

To let off steam with animals in extreme vulnerability, in extreme need, snatched, piled up, trampled, who endure the worst conditions, is unacceptable. They are living beings.

Helene DuyL214 lawyer

“If we had known that immediately, he would have been fired”

Two other men showed up at the stand: Another employee who was identified in the video as kicking a calf. and the president of the management company of the center, summoned for “allowing the animals entrusted to him to be mistreated”.

The 58-year-old man said he was “stunned” when he saw the video, including footage of the employee jumping on the floor with both feet on a calf.

Had we known immediately, he would have been fired.

For him who sits between Irish shippers and customers, the impeccable reputation of the center is crucialotherwise it is the loss of the markets. And maybe he did too much comparing his Tollevast site to “A breakfast hotel for calves” whose butler he is.

What unleashed the verve of the plaintiffs’ lawyers: “Scandalous remarks! “For me, Enguehard of the Coutances Bar Association is an outraged spokesman for the foundation, who denounces the trivialization of the” normal “violence that animals suffer from.

Residence and prohibition of exercise required

The civil parties, the three lawyers of the animal welfare associations, L214, SPA, Brigitte Bardot FoundationShe demanded high compensation from the three men (between 2,000 and 5,000 euros, not including legal costs), and they demanded that this be demanded against them the prohibition of any activity with animals.

The deputy public prosecutor applied for a five-month probationary sentence against the perpetrator’s employee, a ban on him from working in connection with animals and a ban on keeping animals for five years.

In the case of the other two defendants, the public prosecutor’s magistrate was amazed at the two prejudices: unclear for the person responsible for the center and gestures difficult to interpret for the employee. The court will judge.

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