Classical Music: The Rout of the Artemis Quartet? Not so fast.

The famed Artemis Quartet, one of the leading quartets of the past quarter-century, announced this week that it would cease its activities indefinitely. Since then, almost all we read in the media and on dedicated websites are funeral announcements. obligation Dig a case. Is this the end of the iconic quartet? not far from there…

Violaist Gregor Sigl, who arrived in Germany on Thursday, confirmed from the outset that the Artemis Quartet, formed in January 2019 following the departure of founding cellist Eckart Runge (the quartet’s last founding member and living soul), has been disbanded. “It’s been a very brutal year as far as we can tell. But there are also things that can affect the health of our loved ones that have to stay in the private sphere,” he explained. In practice, the 2019-2021 Artemis Quartet, Vineta Sareika, Suyoen Kim, Gregor Sigl and Harriet Krijgh, therefore no longer exists. On the other hand, Vineta Sareik, who has led it since 2012, and Gregor Sigl, who has been involved since 2007, remain holders of the Artemis “brand”. “In practice, we are at the same point in time as the end of 2018 [lorsque la 2e violon et le violoncelliste étaient à remplacer]but the machine has to stop for a while,” Sigl said.

The Artemis family representative, Impresariat Simmenauer, commented “with a heavy heart” on the “indefinite pause” on Monday, May 24, thus contributing to the drama of the situation: “After going through too much After the setbacks of 2019, it has been a turbulent and difficult time for all of us, and the Quartet cannot plan reliably at this time. It also marks the end of 24 years of intensive collaboration with the Artemis Quartet. »

“Endless Quartet”

Veneta Sareka, 1Uh Artemis, violin since 2012, will welcome her first child this summer. The pause itself is crucial. She wants to be reborn. “Our aim is to continue. Throughout its history, the quartet has demonstrated its resilience and ability to incorporate new elements. »

If the Artemis Quartet, reunited in Lübeck in 1989, no longer has its founding members since Eckart Runge’s departure, the ensemble has survived numerous changes in musicians and tragedies, such as the 2015 violist Friedrich The suicide of Deman Wiegler. It’s Gregor Sigl, before 2and violin, who replaced him on the viola.

A documentary dedicated to Artemis is called Hentai Quartet (Artemis: The Neverending Quartet). “By learning from these transitions, we have been successful in bringing together tradition and new energies. Because the new understanding of things makes us realise what needs to be changed,” said Gregor Sigl, who is very pleased with the formation formed in 2019. »

Throughout its history, the quartet has demonstrated its resilience and ability to incorporate new elements

After the word “brutal” comes the word “pressure”: “‘Break without time limit’ is clearly stated and is the only honest attitude. The most important thing is not to put any pressure on us, so give up and return to the timetable Any commitments related. At the same time, we are monitoring the cultural scene, where things are changing and will continue to change. »

Gradually, when “uncertainty and question marks” would rise, Vineta Sareika and Gregor Sigl, in the latter’s words, committed themselves to “passing on the Artemis tradition to the next generation.”

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