Desperately looking for Bitcoin millionaires: wants to attract cryptocurrencies, much more than an exchange! – In early 2022, the exchange hosted the first Walmart director, Tom Horton on his teams. The financial services and cryptocurrency exchange company is showing some prosperity, which is obviously not about to stop on such a good path thanks to the launch of BCAM!

First, just a week ago, completed a round of funding that made it possible multiply your rating by 2.7. In fact, this round of funding led by Lightspeed Venture Partners boosted ‘s rating from between $ 5.2 billion and $ 14 billion.

As a reminder, was launched in 2011 and today offers a full range of blockchain-based financial services, making it one of the largest cryptocurrency companies in the world. According to company data, yes 37 million users verified and counts more than $ 1 trillion of the transaction value of its assets.

Also, in late March 2022, was offered Altonomy OTC Desk, an over-the-counter trading company specializing in digital assets. This acquisition should attract larger investors, such as institutional investors. And this attraction should be amplified with its new service: the Asset Management (BCAM).

Tweets about the launch of BCAM by – Source: Twitter

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On April 6, 2022, announced the creation of a new service to expand its institutional product offering. This service called BCAM created in collaboration with the portfolio manager of futures contracts, Altis Partnerswill offer a range of products to institutional investors.

In addition, this new service will be based on a strategy that follow the price of Bitcoin (BTC) against the price in USD. In addition, it creates a new approach for investors, aimed at reduce volatility investments in BTC.

In addition, BCAM will soon offer a product that manages exposure to decentralized financing sheets (DeFi). According to’s director of strategy, Charlie McGarraughthe company should duplicate its institutional activity with the launch of BCAM.

The launch of BCAM by is timely! In fact, this year institutional investors are starting to do more and more position yourself favorably in certain cryptocurrencies. Capital arrives and fundraising is daily.

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