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To celebrate the theatrical release of Detective Conan: The Bride of Shibuya, we offer you a focus on the original animated series, a true cultural phenomenon!

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Detective Conan is a manga series that has been published since January 1994. The work created by Gosho Aoyama currently comprises 101 volumes.

In total, more than 230 million copies have been sold worldwide. A real phenomenon! The manga was adapted into an anime in 1996. To date, over 1000 episodes have been filmed.

There are also 25 animated films with the little detective. The latest, The Bride of Shibuya, was released in France on May 18th.

Why is ?

The story follows the character of Shinichi Kudo, a 17-year-old young man who is a genius detective in his spare time. During an investigation he is captured. But instead of killing him, the bandits, Men in Black, have him ingest a substance that turns him into a 6-year-old boy.

Since his parents live abroad, he is taken in by Ran, his childhood friend, and his father, a side detective, under the name Conan Edogawa, nephew of Professor Agasa, friend of Shinichi’s parents. The young man with the looks of a child will never stop regaining his true appearance…

From what age can you watch this anime?

The editors of AlloCiné recommend this program from the age of 10. The series may seem simple and affordable for everyone, but the investigations still require concentration. Not all children have the patience to solve the puzzle.

How does it look like ?

Why do your teens love it?

  • Because the characters are lovable and convey beautiful values ​​such as courage, renunciation or willingness to make sacrifices. Shinichi possesses an ultra positive personality and never gives up.
  • Because the universe proposed by the anime pushes us each other in one of the most incredible investigations.
  • Because the animation is terrific and the VF synchronization absolutely delicious.

3 key characters to better understand who your child is talking about

  • Shinichi Kudo, 17, is a football star and die-hard Sherlock Holmes fan. Her father is bestselling author Yusaku Kudo and her mother is former actress Yukiko Kudo. Both have inherited the excellent power of deduction with which he has already been able to solve a large number of murder cases. Ever since Shinichi was rejuvenated by the poison given to him by two Men in Black, he has been on a quest to find their criminal organization. To remain incognito, he forged a new identity as Conan Edogawa and now lives with his friend Ran. In order not to arouse suspicion, Conan attends elementary school like all children his age. He founded the Junior Detectives Club with his classmates Ayumi, Genta and Mitsuhiko. In order not to put his loved ones in danger, Shinichi goes to great lengths to hide his true identity from those around him. Few handpicked familiars like Professor Agasa are aware of his strange rejuvenation. Despite his unfortunate situation, Shinichi continues to solve all of the crimes committed in his wake, and to say he left his job in front of him is an understatement…
  • Ran Mori has been Shinichi’s friend since childhood. Special signs: his friendliness and helpfulness. But beware, beneath this apparent docility hides an impressive karateka who will not hesitate to use her art in an emergency. Ran’s parents are private detective Kogoro Mori and lawyer Eri Kisaki. Since they live apart, Ran tries by all means to bring them back together, so far without success. After Shinichi’s disappearance, a concerned Ran turns to Professor Agasa. Along the way, she meets her rejuvenated boyfriend, who introduces himself as Conan Edogawa. Ran decides to take the boy in and welcomes him into her home like a little brother. However, Shinichi, with whom she is secretly in love, misses her terribly. Over time, Ran keeps suspecting Conan that he is actually Shinichi. The latter has so far always managed to find a parry to dispel his friend’s doubts.
  • Much like Conan, little Ai Haibara looks like a normal kid, at least at first glance. In fact, she was also suffering from the rejuvenating side effects of the toxin APTX 4869, which she made herself. Real name Shiho Miyano, she worked as a scientist for the Black Organization under the code name “Sherry”. However, the day the organization had his older sister murdered, Shiho rebelled against her. With that, she was kidnapped by the Men in Black and decided to end her life with APTX 4869. But just like Shinichi, the 18-year-old girl suddenly transformed into a little schoolgirl, allowing her to untie her and escape from the Men in Black. During her escape, she was taken in by Professor Agasa, with whom they devised a new identity for Shiho, now known as Ai Haibara. His most striking character traits are intelligence and an analytical mind. She also has a special charm and often displays sarcasm, which does not match her appearance as a little girl. As a member of the Junior Detectives, she doesn’t seem indifferent to Conan.

The anecdote that will amaze your teenager!

  • Detective Conan brings together many references, from Sherlock Holmes to Arsène Lupin, via Agathe Christie, Hercule Poirot or Jules Maigret.
  • The hero’s first name itself is a reference to Sherlock Holmes author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. His name, Edogawa, comes from the master of Japanese crime fiction, Ranpo Edogawa.
  • Commissioner Juzo Megure is a nod to our national Jules Maigret. Professor Agasa has a surname inspired by Agatha Christie.
  • The restaurant Megure likes to eat at is called “Colombo”, which is reminiscent of a certain police lieutenant who is well known to thriller fans.
  • Detective Conan: The Scarlet Bullet, released in 2021, surpassed 7.65 billion yen at the box office to become the license’s third-highest-grossing film. In France, the film was released on May 26, 2021. He attracted more than 20,000 fans.

Where can you watch this anime and how much will it cost?

on DNS (€6.99 per month). On Netflix (2 seasons – from €8.99 to €17.99 per month)

Also available as a manga (currently 99 volumes published and to be published in France, sold for €6.85 each by Kana publishers).

What other anime can you watch next with your teen?

  • Spy X Family, for its fun spy site.
  • Bungo Stray Dogs, for investigation, mystery and supernatural powers.
  • One Piece, through its river series aspect, like Conan and his 1000 episodes and its combative hero.

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