Do you earn bitcoins with used tires? The crazy idea of ​​a recycling company

The new green giant – While global warming and ecological considerations agitate public opinion, certain private initiatives have the merit of trying to curb the problem. The fight against waste is a particularly important issue when it comes to fossil fuels. That’s why American companies are developing “lost” energy recovery systems. to undermine bitcoins. We will see today how a company tries to solve the thorny problem of recycling used tires with the same type of solution. Head to North Carolina, off the east coast of the United States, to take stock of this great idea.

The difficult recycling of tires worldwide

He problematic related to tires are often overlooked. Too complicated to dispense with, lack of alternative solution, this aspect of the car industry is not really a media issue. However, it is estimated that 1.5 billion the number of used tires generated each year worldwide. What about this waste? They are – a choice – burned, buried or crushed.

In any case, the US Environmental Protection Agency considers the treatment method environmental point of view. Giant piles of used tires are waiting recycled in India, Kuwait or the United States. And this is where it comes in Product Recovery Technology International (PRTI). This company founded in 2013 has done its mission to solve this colossal problem. To do this, they invented an original system of “thermal decomposition” unique.

Bitcoin is becoming an ally in the fight against energy waste

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Bitcoin could solve part of the problem

To do this, a maximum of tires are stored in cylinders about ten meters high. Then everything heats up slowly and after 11 hours treatment, recovers solid fuel, gas, steel and oil. Chris Hare, CEO of (PRTI) explains:

“The essence of PRTI is to find a solution to a problem that most people are unaware of.”

For engineers company, each tire potentially represents a energy source usable. That’s why they renamed them “round batteries”. After that ? With oil, oil and gas recovered in this way, all kinds of structures can be supplied with energy. And to make the project profitable, they use this calorie source for mine Bitcoin (BTC).

The idea is to create what they call “microgrids” which can then serve larger local area networks. PRTI wants to guarantee the sustainability of the project and its viability on a large scale before developing larger facilities. But they are already planning to expand to Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and even Western Europe.

Bitcoin mining allows for that make it profitable projects that need a lot of initial investment. Once the facility is economically stable, the mobile mining units could be relocated. Definitely the usage examples virtuous of Bitcoin are multiplying worldwide. Upcycling tires in the US, home heating in canadamining “green” in Norway, we no longer stop progress. One more stone in the garden of the detractors of the first crypto in the market.

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