Earn free bitcoin? AmEx and Venmo enter a cryptocurrency return

Make money by spending money – The happy owners ofa payment card distributed by cryptocurrency platforms are familiar with the principle. When I make one spent with my card, it returns me a certain percentage in crypto. This system – the cashback – It has been around for a few years, but the novelty is that it is starting to appear in more payment companies traditional as a commercial argument. No more old dot loyalty card, let go of the crypts ringing and tripping!

Loyalty points, miles and gifts

Remember that when you were younger, you probably collected points That with the family. After a few months, choose a stuffed animal or orange service that should always be in the back of a closet at your parents’ house. Or maybe you have it in your pocket loyalty card from the pizzeria downstairs or from your hairdresser with some pads. Time? Is it almost the tenth free cup? Basically, the rewards it seemed so until recently. Even the largest payment companies offered payment systems accumulation of pointsof miles which you can exchange for a certain number for a small gift.

It is true that the principle has been modernized and now we can be entitled to a few percentages refund of purchases. Corn roughly speakingthese are springs kindly given and accepted. But a new wind is blowing in card payments and crypts they are not there for nothing! This is what the CEO of American Express said last January:

We are exploring other ways to redeem your membership reward points for cryptocurrency. »

The payment company Venmo is also taking a step in that direction. It now allows its users to do so convert theirs Money Back in cryptos with your program ” Refund Crypto ». Instead of accumulating and spending your rewards, you can turn them into the most popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum or Bitcoin Cash. We are moving slowly but surely toward the principle of widespread money back cryptographic platforms.

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Bitcoin or cryptocurrency Money Back in all your purchases

He exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, BitPanda or even Crypto.com offer a system of Money Back relatively easy to understand. Depending on your profile, that is, the amount you have on your home token, you are entitled to Money Back ranging from 1 to 8% in all of yours expenses with your payment card. That Money Back it returns to that same home tab. But there’s nothing stopping you from converting it into dollars, euros, or whatever.

New York-based crypto lending and savings startup BlockFilaunched its program ” BlockFi Rewards Visa Credit Card ». Where BC Visa is accepted, you can pay with your card and receive 1.5% in BTC in your BlockFi account. This instead of air miles or other rewards. Let’s hear from Flori Marquez, co-founder of BlockFi:

“This card will make it easier than ever for people to earn Bitcoin while shopping every day.”

Terry Angelos, global head of fintech in Visa, he noted that the reward programsCryptocurrencies are an effective way to bring users closer to the cryptoeconomy and Visa. ” he is delighted to see more and more examples of this. »

We also mention the company Rural area which recently offered a corporate payment card with automatic BTC rewards.

“We believe that blockchain technology and cryptocurrency are the future of finance, and we are excited to help companies participate and grow in the digital economy.. »

Jeremy Almond, co-founder and CEO of Paystand

He cryptocurrency rewards attractive to companies and individuals. It is easy to understand and use. When you think that traditional banks still charge their customers the means of payment! We tell ourselves that the theory of evolution will do its job and that natural selection will be ruthless. In the meantime, the cashback is likely to be a Trojan horse that will bring crypto to new homes that so far have not responded or have not been indifferent. Unless the European Union returns it to us at the time of the assignment with yours retrograde invoices.

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