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Although it pains me to say this when Henderson most likely thinks otherwise, the only thing less elegant than dodgeball is what my dog ​​did yesterday and today: roll in deer decoy and poop. I guess you could argue that a graceful swing replaces dodging, but really, why (or at least anime) do we still allow a “game” where kids throw a ball at someone with the intention of hitting them? (Why yes, me did I had bad experiences with it in elementary school, why do you ask?) Still, it’s hard to deny that Anya has a lot of potential to excel and all kids can use it path too serious so let’s go.

Even without the alleged MVP of a dodgeball game getting a Stella at the gym, Damian and Anya are ready to get in the game. It’s just as likely for Anya because she tends to take things a little too seriously, but Damian has a lot compelling reason to want to excel: He believes his father will only notice him that way. Yes, it turns out the main problem in Loid and Anya’s plans to approach Donovan Desmond is the fact that he ignores his second son to the point where he hasn’t even bothered to to come to his first day of school. While that doesn’t seem to mean much, it clearly has, as evidenced by all the other parents present – Damian appears to be the only orphan in the class photo – and more importantly, c was a big problem for damian. His dad’s lack of presence sent him a message that he just wasn’t worth it, and we can see it bothers him so much that getting his dad to notice — and maybe it — has become his mission even to love.


It’s incredibly sad, especially for a six-year-old, and not only does it make Damian a more sympathetic poor little rich boy character, it also draws a parallel between him and Anya. Anya also knows what it’s like not having parents who can love and take care of her, which makes her relationship with Loid and Yor all the more important and meaningful to her, although she thinks whatever Yor teaches him, is useless. Damian may have friends and minions (or at least toads and minions), but he’s basically still stuck in the kind of life Anya had before Loid walked into this orphanage. Granted, no one experiments with him, but that doesn’t make his life as an emotionally neglected child any less difficult or sad. If only he and Anya could get past their oil and water dynamics, I think they would find a surprising amount of common ground.

But that’s not going to happen anytime soon (even if Damian’s body moves before his brain catches up as he saves Anya from a dodgeball thrown by Bazooka Bill), especially since their current antagonism is so funny. And honestly, they have bigger concerns in this episode, which is that they’re playing dodgeball against a six-year-old from an incredibly large and muscular family. Bill looks like a grown-up next to his classmates (although he looks like a muscular boy next to his dad, so it’s clearly genetic), and he’s one hundred percent in this gym class to WIN. It’s definitely not his fault he’s that big, but he’s absolutely ready to use it to decimate the other team. He feels he could be intimidated, which I don’t think Henderson would tolerate. There could have been a bit more of Anya using her powers to escape and frustrate Bill and I think maybe a little too much time was spent with Damian, Emile and Ewan but watching them all try getting the upper hand on Bill still makes solid entertainment, with a special mention for how the boys view their training in relation to who they are actually do in the playground. And really, the elements of realism like the boys’ imaginations and the kids’ attitude towards play add so much to the episode and remind us how ridiculous this all is but also how important it is to the kids. That dragon ball The note slipped in there is just the icing on the cake.

Unfortunately Anya isn’t getting her star this week, but I have a feeling she’ll be even more determined to do so next time. What that has to do with the preview saying she’ll be swimming remains to be seen. As long as she doesn’t reel in the bait, I think she’ll be fine.


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