Excel Coiffure Brand Hairdresser Services Training

In just a few years, the hairdressing training center in Carcassonne has become a veritable Artemis Group hairdresser education institute, including Excel Coiffure, Label Coiffure and even Garçonne and Hairlook.

Hair Excellence

Excel Coiffure, a brand for hairdressers.

The brand brings together all the skills a hair salon needs to properly manage and succeed, and its human aspect is at the heart of our strategy.

Among the biggest names in hairdressing who travel with them, we found female art experts:

  • Julian Tour, Founder of Taoism
  • Cyril Bazin Over 20 years of extensive experience in the hairdressing industry
  • Vanja Laporte, Incredibly Graphic Hair Trainer
  • Eve Buryat, Inventor of Intuitive Morphing and influencer with a huge community
  • Dennis HolbeckCurious and creative people travel the world in search of sophisticated hairstyles
  • Dimitri vialwon the title of “Best Art Metal Craftsman in France”
  • Frank RichardAmbitious hairdresser always thanks for his 30 years of professional experience
  • Cyril Browna record number of contestants and performers in hairdressing competitions
  • Tony and Guy Educationthe backbone of hairdressing, allowing everyone to revisit their foundations and self-confidence

Artemis training Also for his team of collaborators around the art experts:

  • Mark Thibaultone of the pioneers of the Barber 2.0 generation
  • Erwan Palumbo Promising man growing up with scissors in his hands
  • famous Thierry Bodenauf, A well-known and recognized expert in the hairdressing market.

It is very important for Artemis to recruit competent network facilitators to best support the group’s programming.This is why in 2022 you will find the entire Group new employee Guillaume Vergnes receives technical training ! He will be happy to use all his experience as a master craftsman, Schwarzkopf professional trainer, French Indola ambassador and Greatlenghts sales representative to develop techniques and methods within the team that are always closer to the hairdresser.

For technical support and cutting, Artemis Formation mobilized three professional trainers: Celine Antunes, A true professional girl, an entrepreneur at heart and a showwoman, Jean-Marie Hick, One of the greatest exponents of Belgian hairdressing Claude Tarantino Tailor made barbers.

One of the Group’s main values? common values ! That’s why Artemis Formation wants to support every trade show team by providing their employees with a comfortable management approach. In 2022, to support your management, you will find:

  • Thierry Tixier, Author of the educational novel “Professional Hairdresser…Trade Manager”
  • Louis Poiriernon-linguistic linguist
  • Margaret Prout, Aveda, Country Director for Marketing, Management Specialists and Special Partner Development

Going a step further, the training center coaches its teams in different areas

  • Olivier Abarth Catalan hairdresser, recognized in the industry
  • Loris Hugh, Profitable Coach
  • Valerie Boissier, Remarkably precise fastener expertise
  • Christine Pons Customer contact enthusiast.

The strength of the Artemis training institute is adaptation, and we take the trials of life as lessons, bringing us innovation, ambition and unity. That’s why in recent years we have been looking for new solutions to continue our commitment to hairdressers who trust us.

It was in a very specific context that we decided to Anchor new technology Video conferencing training is being used more today than ever before:

  • Christopher Jeffrey, Responsible for coordinating key Schwarzkopf clients and helping you discover new products from the group
  • Brigitte Dubs Entrepreneur and Communication and Marketing Specialist
  • Loic Rosic, Artemis Marketing Manager
  • Alexandra Juarez, Network facilitator for the group Excel Coiffure and Hair Look salons

Finally, in order to improve the services of the group’s salons, Artemis Formation has partnered with Nathalie Degaillaix Saissac performs “Scalp Shiatsu”.

Group salons benefit from the advantages of these training courses, but can also be accessed externally, you just need to contact the team responsible for the development Specializing in Excel Coiffure !

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