For the CEO of MicroStrategy, bitcoin (BTC) is better than gold

According to Michael Saylor, the founder of MicroStrategy, people should consider adding cryptocurrencies to their retirement portfolio. This should be done after Fidelity Investments’ decision to launch a bitcoin (BTC) option.

Bitcoin (BTC) is better than gold

Last Tuesday was MicroStrategy’s first quarter earnings conference call. During the conference, Saylor said that the main cryptocurrency, bitcoin (BTC), is in better active than gold.

“Calling it digital gold is an understatement. It’s really the hardest money in the history of the world. But if you think about generational wealth and if you want to leave something for your grandchildren or if you want a retirement fund, it’s obvious that “It simply came to our notice then.” Then he added: “Bitcoin is that.”

While many people continue to fear investing money in stocks and bonds due to current economic conditions, Saylor believes that BTC is the least risky asset on the market.

Bitcoin will expand to a new class of investors

Continuing to work on bitcoin (BTC), the advantages of which he demonstrates, Mr. Saylor said: “It’s the least risky thing you can put in a retirement wallet. At least that’s the opinion of people who have been studying bitcoin for a while. “

The CEO then talked about Fidelity’s new offering, the 401 (k) offering. “She is OK put forward the BTC and centerpiece for financial advisors, retirement planners, the entire big financial industry. I think that will ultimately introduce bitcoin to a new class of investors and expand the asset class. “

Note that as of March 31, 2022, MicroStrategy had 129,218 BTC with a current value of $ 5.1 billion. Saylor, however, indicated that the software company currently has no plans to participate in the sale of BTC.

According to Saylor, bitcoin (BTC) represents the least risky asset for investors, especially since Fidelity launched a new offering, the 401 (k) offering. According to the CEO of MicroStrategy, this offer will attract investors and expand the possibilities related to digital assets.

Source: The Daily Hodl

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