Gamium forms the foundations of Web3 and the Metaverse,

LISBON, March 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Web3 and Metaverse project Gamium is launching a decentralized gaming platform expected to be the first to combine the principles of Web3, Metaverse, premium gaming and gamification in space crypto .

The launch follows a phased plan, beginning with Metaverse land sales this quarter (Q1 2022), with the full Metaverse game expected to launch later this year (2022). Between these dates, the Gamium team plans to unveil a number of platform features and enhancements, including NFTs and an application for Metaverse avatars, the release of the MST ecosystem, and the first airdrop for $GMM, the ecosystem’s native token. .

These developments are being fueled by two successful fundraising rounds, with IDOs on Vent Finance (February 25) and DAO Maker (March 4) each raising $200,000.

Speaking of launching the platform, Gamium co-founder Alberto Rosaswritten down:

“We started this project because we saw the need to innovate current social platforms. We don’t like how these big platforms work and the value they bring to society. We knew that integrating Web3 and digital identities into a 3D environment could greatly enhance our digital interaction. So we launched Gamium with that vision.”

Bridging the gap between Web3 and the Metaverse

To achieve their goal of combining Web3 and the Metaverse, the Gamium team developed a number of new approaches that differ from traditional Metaverse design. This is reflected in the two main features of the ecosystem: avatars and metaverse.

Any user can create an avatar that represents a unique digital identity that can be used across all Web3 and Metaverse applications, meaning users can transfer identities to other Metaverses as needed. Also, to make it easier for users to create around the world, Gamium has developed an SDK that is also interoperable, meaning that the content as well as the content creation tools are portable.

Finally, Gamium is pioneering a new compensation model called Socialize to Earn (S2E). This innovative socialization system allows avatars to monetize social interactions in the world. In other words, users are rewarded for creating social interactions between avatars.

To learn more about the innovative features of Gamium’s Metaverse, click here.

About Ganium

Gamium is a Web3 and Metaverse technology company whose mission is to create the first Metaverse that bridges the two domains with the goal of making avatars and assets cross-Metaverse compatible. Gamium wants to take Metaverse gaming to the next level and create the optimal mix of premium gaming and gamification; So Gami.

The Gamium team draws on a wealth of gaming and DeFi expertise. Co-CEOs Alberto and Alejandro Rosas have backgrounds in mathematics, data science and software development with interests in the crypto space dating back to 2016. Its CTO, Segio Cespedes, has over 30 years of experience developing similar projects and will use that experience to design and refine the infrastructure that combines Web3 and the Metaverse.

The combination of this team and Gamium’s forward-thinking aspirations attracted several early supporters and investors, including RR2 Capital, a Lisbon-based venture capital firm specializing in disruptive technology areas such as decentralized ledger technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning and digital assets Has.

To date, Gamium has started development of the Ecosystem Smart Contracts (which have been successfully verified by Certik) and started work on the Avatars and Metaverse platforms. Metaverse is expected to open to the public in Q4 2022 following land sales in Q1, MST launch in Q2 and Metaverse Beta in Q3.

For more information on how Gamium combines Web3 and Metaverse and to keep up to date with the roadmap, visit Gamium’s website here.

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