GOLF: France Lyme organized its first competition at the Avoise golf course

With support from the department’s golf committee, the club wanted to raise golfers’ awareness of Lyme disease – potential targets for ticks when they stray off the fairways…

This Sunday, the golfers present were there for a good cause, because part of their playing rights was donated to the France Lyme association. We wish they were more numerous, only eighteen players… For those absent, we prefer to think that voting for the presidential election was their priority. On the other hand, we will not thank Ms. Wetter who predicted a very bad day with not even a drop of water.
Coming back to the competition organized by France Lyme at the initiative of the Burgundy manager of the federation, Annie Okrzesik, with the support of the departmental golf committee (CDG71), represented by Geneviève Layus, president of the sporting committee.

“France Lyme is an association that fights against tick-borne diseases, the best known of which is Lyme disease. It is the most important patients’ association in this medical field, recognized as of general interest, recognized by the Ministry of Health and member of France Assos Santé. France Lyme brings together more than 2000 members and operates in 20 local sections including Burgundy. In particular, it offers personalized support for patients and preventive measures for all target groups,” emphasizes Annie Okrzesik.
Apart from the fact that preventive measures can never hurt, the choice of the golf course was a matter of course for the local group leader. A former golfer herself, she was bitten by a tick on the Avoise golf course in 2000. Despite lifelong treatments, she had to contend with numerous symptoms: hypersensitivity to smells and light, loss of balance, leg pains “as if crushed”, etc. This disease is widespread throughout the national territory, Bourgogne Franche Comté is number 1 in the list of infections – one Title we would have done without… Tips on how to remove a tick or protect yourself from a bite can be found at the end of the article. We can only advise all golfers – but also all our readers – to have a tick clip in your bag!
On this Sunday, the golfers were able to sensitize themselves and ask all their questions. The day ended with the awards ceremony, where all participants were honored by CDG71, represented by Geneviève Layus. Finally, Annie Okrzesik did not fail to thank the Avoise golf course for its welcome and contribution, and the CDG71 by Genviève Layus.
Next meeting on Sunday, May 1, a scramble competition for 2 people organized by Rotary International as part of its Hope in Mind campaign, which raises funds to fund the purchase of equipment for research projects.
Julien ZAIDI


Woman :
raw :
1st: LAYUS Genevieve (+23)

1st: DAUSSE Françoise (28 points)

Raw :
1st: CHEIAKH Abdelkader (+4)
2nd: MICHAUD Philippe (+7)
3rd: DURIX Frederic (+9)

1st: Patrice RENAUD (37 points)
2nd: PONSOT Jean-Baptiste (37 pts)
3rd: FRISON Bastien (34 pts)

Advice from Annie Okrzesik:

What to do if you were bitten by a tick
Infections are observed throughout the year, but especially from May to October, depending on climatic conditions.
Don’t panic, not all ticks are disease vectors, but 50% is a huge number.
If bitten, remove the tick as soon as possible and take photos:
1) Slide the tick remover (available at pharmacies or vets) under the tick’s head and most importantly, NEVER touch the body with your hand.
2) Extract the tick as close to the skin as possible by unscrewing the tick extractor so as not to leave the head and rostrum in and/or under the skin
3) Properly disinfect the wound, also guide the tweezers with alcohol and wash your hands thoroughly
4) Do not apply any product to the tick (alcohol, ether, oil… it makes the tick burp and increases the risk of infection).
5) Declare the tick on the Citique website with the mobile application.

If symptoms (flu, rheumatic, ophthalmological or cardiac) appear, go to the doctor immediately who will treat you appropriately. More information on symptoms:…

What to do in order not to get infected with a tick?…
– Wear light-colored clothing, if possible covering the whole body. Feel free to tuck your pants into your socks and wear closed-toe shoes.
– Coat the uncovered areas of skin with an insect repellent (contains e.g. DEET, permethrin, citriodiol)
– Stick to the trails when walking.
– Carefully inspect the whole body to make sure there are no ticks attached (pay attention to sensitive areas such as eyelids, back ears, scalp, etc.).
– Regular lawn mowing and removing plant debris can limit tick proliferation.

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