Do you like sleeping with your dog or cat? While tempting, it’s not always good for our health!

For some owners, sleeping with their dog or cat is routine! Others, on the other hand, do not like it, but they are no less close to their animal. Find out what the experts think.

Is sleeping with your pet good or bad for your health?

the director of ResearchVsevolod Polotsky at Johns Hopkins University it is pronounced on the ask through a learn. He claims that is not the case not Necessary Fountain for our health. In fact, the dogs and the cats have a way of sleeping differently Of our. Unlike us, theirs night east fragmented. This would risknegatively influenced your Round from sleep because you night will not be not relaxing.

Is it hygienic to sleep with your pet?

There is nothing more than sleeping comfort when you share your bed with your dog or cat not always Fountain to the hygiene. Actually the fur from you animal walk accumulate on their leaves and pillowcases. If you succumb allergies Where from diseases of the respiratory tractthat risk of aggravation your case. Finally, that risk from transmission from Diseases is more high when she sleep with your animal. For these reasons we recommend youavoid from split your bed with your cat Where from dog.


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