Here is the most searched anime series of 2022 so far

The anime will have a big year in 2022 with the likes of My Hero Academia, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure and Dragon Ball Super ready to come back. With many new anime series arriving this year as well, including ones like Spy x family and vampire in the garden, it will be interesting to see if other franchises are able to top the franchises on the current list. While there are some anime series that will not come as a surprise, there may be some missing franchises that will throw fans off on general Google searches.

While anime has been an integral part of Japanese culture for some time, the medium continues to grow by leaps and bounds worldwide, with the internet enabling anime fans to watch new TV series, read new manga, and venture into new territories not otherwise discovered outside of our time.

The current list takes into account the most searched anime from earlier this year, so this list is definitely subject to change for the remaining months of 2022.

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10.) The Vanitas Case Study

(Photo: Aniplex)

Many anime franchises have focused on vampires over the years including Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D and Blood to name a few but the most popular today seems to be The Case Study of Vanitas which recently released its first anime episodes . Year. If you haven’t had a chance to dive into this supernatural tale yet, the official Crunchyroll description reads:

“It’s 19th-century Paris and the young vampire Noé is chasing the book of Vanitas. Attacked by an insane vampire, a human doctor named Vanitas Noah embarks on a mad crusade to “cure” the entire vampire race. While allying himself with him can be dangerous, news reaches Vanitas that the Beast of Gévaudan has returned, and Noah is called in to investigate this ghost from the past.

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9.) Arifureta: From the commonplace to the strongest in the world

(Photo: asread/Mother Studio)

Arifureta: from the banal to the strongest in the world is one of the biggest Isekai series of the recent past and joins the ranks of The Rising of the Shield Hero, Sword Art Online and Log Horizon when it comes to the unique genre in the middle of anime. As the series has two seasons, the official description for the series is as follows:

“After Hajime Nagumo and his high school class are suddenly summoned to a fantasy world, he falls into the depths of a monster-infested dungeon. To thrive in this wild world, Hajime will have no choice but to welcome the abyss.”

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8.) End of the world harem


Harem at the end of the world shows a story similar to that of the popular comic strip, Y the last man, in which a man tries to survive in a world where the female population vastly outnumbers him. If you haven’t seen this series yet, Crunchyroll offers the following official description of the eleven-episode series:

“Mizuhara Reito is an ordinary boy who wakes up in a world of 5 billion women and 5 men. Now it’s up to him to repopulate the human species. Can he remain faithful to his missing childhood friend while all of humanity is counting on him to sleep? with as many girls as possible?”

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7.) Ranking of Kings

(Photo: WIT Studio)

Ranking of Kings is one of the latest offerings from Wit Studio and follows the story of young prince Boiichi trying to make friends in a world steeped in magic and mysticism. Since the new anime series just wrapped its first season and uses an animation style that differs from many other anime series on the market today, fans are hoping that Wit will return to tell the story of the mute prince in a second season to continue.

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6.) Detective Conan

(Photo: TMS Entertainment)

Detective Conan is basically an institution at this point, which is also used to designate series case closed with over a thousand episodes of his anime to date. With the recently released film Detective Conan: Halloween’s Bride, which is making big strides at the box office in Japan, a recent report from the creators behind the films indicates there could be as many as thirty films to complete the mystery series. Later this year, Netflix will release two new spin-off series that expand on the world of the detective trapped in a toddler’s body.

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5.) My darling is disguising himself

(Photo: Kleewerk)

One of the newcomers up front, My favorite dressing took the world by storm, exploring the story of a young man and woman who discover a connection through the world of cosplay. If you haven’t experienced this, the official Crunchyroll description reads:

“Wakana Gojo is a high school student who aspires to become a kashirashi — a master craftsman who makes traditional Japanese hina dolls. Although he is passionate about his job, he knows nothing about the latest trends and finds it difficult to adapt. with his class. The popular kids – led by one girl, Marin Kitagawa – seem to live in a completely different world. Everything changes one day when she shares an unexpected secret with him and their completely different worlds collide.

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4.) Boruto: Naruto Next Generation

(Photo: Shueisha)

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations threw fans some serious curveballs over the past year, when creator Masashi Kishimoto returned to his writing duties and wasted little time killing off two key players in the Konoha War with the Kara Organization. With Jigen, the leader of Kara, and the nine-tailed fox Kurama both biting the bullet, the Shonen franchise has entered a new era where anything can happen and any hero or villain can be on the board.

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3.) Attack on Titan

(Photo: MAPPA)

Attack on Titan will continue with its final season next year in 2023, eventually delivering the final episodes of the battle between Paradise Island and the Nation of Marley. As Attack on Titan’s popularity grows thanks to the second part of Season 4, Studio MAPPA is ready to put an end to the story of Eren Jaeger and the Scout Regiment.

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2.) Demon Slayer

Demon Slayer Season 2-tanjiro-inosuke-zenitsu-nezuko.jpg
(Photo: ufotable)

Demon Slayer and One Piece is in a protracted battle in which the rookie series often manages to outrun Luffy and his friends. Although the manga ended a few years ago, the second season of the anime adaptation has anime fans everywhere glued in their seats as a third season featuring the Swordsmith arc is on the way.

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1.) one piece

(Photo: Bandai Namco)

One piece continues to be one of the biggest Shonen franchises out there and earns its place among the top sellers in the manga scene, with the anime series continuing to follow Luffy and his crew as they fight for the freedom of the land of Wa. With the franchise’s fifteenth film due out this summer, it will be interesting to see how far Luffy and his crew will go before the grand finale of Grand Line.


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