Homelessness, animal welfare, gender equality… The priorities of college students in Cérilly (Allier) before the election

“We would not tolerate gender inequality, which remains strong. Let’s take wages as an example: Some women are paid less than men for the same work and experience, even though the law forbids it. We will not be able to resolve this inequality as long as there are still stereotypes. In some families there is a situation where the men have to work the wood, take care of the animals and the women have to take care of the housework, gardening. This situation has implications for the education these children will give to their own children. »

Maelle: Contraception

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“If I were President, my first decision would be to make sanitary napkins, tampons, contraception and abortion free and accessible to all. I would ensure that male birth control is preferred so that birth control is not just a woman’s responsibility. It is also necessary that contraceptives, menstrual supplies and medicines are sent free of charge to the countries that need them. »

Nasturtium: the landscape

“My first decision would be to give small, isolated campaigns more money to grow. I would increase the number of public transport (train, bus, etc.) in the countryside, especially for poor people who don’t have a car and can’t get around. We know people who are in this situation and have to rely on their loved ones when shopping. »

Justine: Cruelty to animals

“I want to stop all animal abuse, such as testing on laboratory animals. It is also necessary to stop the practice of hunting with dogs, aimed at chasing the animal until it dies of exhaustion, or even hunting with glue. We also need to say, No more intensive farming, and make people aware that birds and rodents bought from pet stores are crammed in cages with diseases most of the time. »

Brandon: the homeless man

“If I were President, my first decision would be that there would be no more homeless people in my country. I would be in touch with several associations to help provide materials, food and other things. I would build several group homes or small detached homes for those who so desire. »

Louise: School canteens

“I President, the students will eat better meals. In all school canteens, the state will make financial efforts to provide the canteens with the funds to promote short circuits, organic products, small businesses and better quality products. We will ban ready-made and frozen meals, and the state will make extra efforts to guarantee you quality meals without raising prices. »

Jules: Equality

“I would invest myself fully in the word equality and try to ensure that it is fully respected, including myself as President. When it comes to ecology, for example, citizens are forced to do so, as are companies and brands. What would the affirmation of equality be if an ounce of discrimination remained, such as inequalities between men and women or between nationalities? I can’t take that ounce. »

Photos: Florian Salesse

The media class at work. This question-and-answer exercise was carried out by fourth-year media students at the François Péron College in Cérilly, which incessantly wins national prizes: the Festival francophone du reportage court, the Europorters competition and the recent Clemi reportage competition and arte.

All year round, the 30 students in the media class are trained in information and media for one and a half hours a week. “When I ask them at the beginning of the year how they get information, they tell me about social networks or television. With this course we are giving them knowledge about the media world and I have the hope and ambition that afterwards the information will not fall on them but that they will inform themselves,” explains Thibault Meunier, library professor at the college.

bonus The College of Cérilly (Allier) and its media class collect the awards


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