How was the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus destroyed?

in the second century BC. J.-C., the poet Antipateros of Sidon in his Palatine Collection : “See, the sun has never seen anything so great except Olympus“. A miracle shared in the same year by geographer and traveler Pausanias:”Three things help [sa] Fame: The grandeur of the temple, surpassing all human construction, the splendor of the city of Ephesus and the presence of the goddess.” Still surviving to this day, imagine the splendor of this building, only a pillar of the temple. And many writings.

In the heart of one of the most important Greek cities in Asia Minor (now Turkey): Ephesus, three temples were built successively on the site. It was the Lydian king Croesus who decided to build this temple, designated one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

According to the historian Herodotus, the temple that Croesus wanted to build began as early as 570 BC. J.-C. In addition, the father-son relationship is also confirmed by an inscription found at the base of a column preserved today in the British Museum in London, on which it can be read “King Kroisos founded”.

a huge temple

The Temple of Artemis is a huge building, the largest in ancient Greece. All the brightest minds at the time had to pull together and compete on ingenuity to build it on the swamps of the Kester River Plain.

In Roman times, Pliny the Elder is reminiscent of the enormous size of the temple, which took 120 years to build: 115.1 meters long and 55.1 meters wide. One of the most spectacular aspects of this temple is its 127 columns, 36 of which are beautifully carved on the facade.

The Fall of the Most Extraordinary Miracle

Over the centuries, the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus has undergone several successive destructions and reconstructions. The city was sacked by the Goths in AD 263. AD Temple subsequently suffered irreparable damage.

Over the next century, as Christianity spread throughout the empire, pagan worship was banned and statues of Artemis were destroyed. Then the cross took the place of the ancient sculpture. The temple was also damaged by earthquakes and fires and ceased to be used in 391.

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