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Continuing where we left off in Volume 1, Aileen has assembled a ragtag group of friends and followers to repair the Demon King’s castle, hoping to ingratiate himself with him so that he can serve as a formidable escort on the upcoming party will attend. While things initially go as planned, the emergence of threatening letters to Prince Cedric’s new fiancée Lilia, allegedly from Aileen herself, throws the works into conflict, especially when Lilia suddenly disappears. Falsely accused of kidnapping Lilia and threatened with arrest, Aileen must now find the culprit and clear her name before it’s too late.

It’s a bit of a slow start for this volume until we get to the juicier political side of things, as we have to get through quite a long string of introductions in the opening chapter for new characters while he sets the stage for this part of the story. While all the new faces are quite amusing, Isaac proves the most plot-critical as he joins Aileen’s plan to sweep the imperial court with a new cosmetics company. The aristocrat and savvy friend of Aileen from the Academy, he has both the brains and the connections to get new skincare products and makeup into the hands of influential women, while helping provide the funds for the guys who make them , Luc, and Quartz, a doctor and herbalist who runs a pharmacy and clinic for the lower classes.

As with the first volume, this is largely an exact adaptation of the light novel, but I wish there had been some leeway to flesh out some of the other characters a little more and streamline the introductions. Denis has the short end of the stick as you can hardly see him and given that the repairs to the lock are quite extensive it would have been nice to see him gather more stuff and get to work. Luke and Quartz do a little better when we see them preparing the cosmetics, but in the end they stick to what they do best and focus on the main characters’ political machinations.

What’s surprising here, though, is that it’s not quite the exact adaptation you had in mind, as it doubles down to Lilia as the villain and expands on that by showing that she’s also resurrected from the real world, huh was not a thing. in the light novel. While it doesn’t go too deep, it fundamentally changes the character’s entire fiber and helps explain her vicious behavior and the role reversal between her and Aileen. Instead of being the heroine who saves the world, Lilia is on a serious power trip, manipulating everything to gain the status and money she never had in the real world.

That makes the prospect of a showdown between the two even more enticing, but for now it’s clear that Aileen has the upper hand. Despite Lilia’s seductive advances, Claude is very dismissive of her, while Aileen has everything in her hands to break up with Cedric for good in a standoff at the party that occupies most of the second half of the tape.

Besides being quite dramatic this section also looks great as the art really emphasizes Aileen’s impact on the event in her very flashy dress and like the first volume I think Anko Yuzu takes those initial character designs and does great ones work to implement life. It’s also cute enough to work in the comedic moments that are a highlight of this volume even outside of politics, as you see Aileen and Claude slowly come together in a sweet but sometimes terrifying romance.

I’m the bad guy, so I tame the final boss is published by Yen Press and is available both digitally and physically. Taylor Engel continues to translate the series, and this volume reads well without any problems.

Total Volume 2 of I’m the bad guy, so I tame the final boss continues to be an extremely entertaining read full of interesting political intrigues and sweet moments between the two leads. It’s largely a word-for-word adaptation of the light novel, though, and while I think it could have deviated more from it, it at least makes one surprising change that I hope pays off: getting closer to the climax of the source material in the third and final volume of the manga.

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