In Lassay-les-Châteaux, a breeder family wants to guarantee animal-friendly breeding

Thomas, Caroline and Eric Pottier run Tom’s Farm in Lassay-les-Châteaux together. (©DR)

Eight years ago, Caroline, Eric and their son Thomas took over the farm in a place called La Noé in Lassay-les-Chateaux. Opposite the Château de Bois Thibault, they rise to almost 90 hectares 35 suckler cows of races dealer and Angusabout ten oxen and 160 sheep Roman and Charmoise. Rustic breeds that make good use of grass and forage and for ewes that are very maternal and experienced. “Lamming can take place all year round,” explains Eric Pottier, who is responsible for sheep farming, administration and part of the marketing.

The pride of the Pottier family is their operating system:

A grassy and almost entirely open system because the best source of protein is grass. We didn’t want to capitalize on barn buildings that incur costs.

A brand to be developed

The family teamed up with a friend to develop a brand: Enform. This is to guarantee breeding that respects the animal, its welfare and its environment.

Our goal is to limit the use of concentrated feed. Our animals grow at their own pace with a balanced ration. Although this results in smaller animals, the meat is of better quality. The well-being of the animals also depends on a species-appropriate diet. That’s why we carry out analyzes on our hay, minerals, etc. We are also working on a neutral CO2 balance.

Cows and sheep receive only 10 tons of grain at Tom’s Farm all year round.

The Pottier family would like to further develop their brand together with other organic farms. “We want to support breeders so that they have a fairer view of mineral supplementation in animals. »

Cooked meals in jars

In addition to selling meat at the Lassay and Laval markets and on the farm, the Pottier family also sells ready meals in jars, made entirely by Eric and “Mamie Caro”, which you can buy at Biocoop or at Gamm Vert in North Mayenne . “We do everything from cutting to bottling. We even make our broth. The vegetables come from local growers,” says Eric. Veal axoa, sautéed veal with chorizo, rillettes with Bolognese beef or lamb with lemon, so many recipes that the couple has come up with.

We make them five or six times a year in Bressuire (49) in an agricultural school transformation workshop. Our only regret is that we cannot write Made in Mayenne on our glasses. But there is no suitable workshop in the department.

The operations manager regrets having to go that far and would like to reduce his travel times and thus be able to realize his income once stocks are reduced.

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A cutting workshop

With the same aim of reducing transport costs, the Pottier family set up a cutting workshop on their farm. An investment of 35,000 euros, financed in part by European and Departmental Council aid, but also by crowdfunding. The work is in the process of being completed.

Convenient: La Ferme de Tom, place called la Noé, Lassay-les-Châteaux, email: Phone. 06 29 90 15 24. Facebook: Tom’s Farm

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