In Puy-de-Dôme, the House of Artemis welcomes women victims of domestic violence and helps them build a future

His voice was soft and calm, with a smile on his face.Sarah

His story was told peacefully today. For four months, the 22-year-old has been living at the Artemis house in the small town of Puy-de-Dôme, which welcomes so-called vulnerable women, victims of domestic violence. “I found myself on the street when I decided to leave my companion, I was lucky enough to find shelter here, I feel safe now,” she breathed.

Cocoon of Protection

Artemis’ home is a cocoon, a sanctuary for these women who have managed to escape violence. They are now 50 years old and will be welcomed by the Cecler Association. “We also look after their children because if their presence at home can be the driving force in the decision to leave, most failures happen when these mothers have no other solution than to separate from them”, General Manager Dominique Charmeil Emphasize that the Seclair Association. Everything is thus implemented so that these women, who often arrive here in emergencies, manage to build a better future. 3919.

Women victims of violence can contact this free, anonymous emergency number, available 7 days a week.

Psychologist Emma Damase from AVEC 63 (Association Victimes Ecoute Conseils) is on duty every week.

There is still a long way to go to mourn their experiences. They have suffered enormous psychological damage and need support.

“It’s true that talking makes me feel good. Without that help, I wouldn’t be here today,” Sarah said. Emma Damase also works with many children who sometimes suffer from running away from home.

Victim of domestic violence, this Auvergne resident testifies: ‘I told myself I was going there’

Refuge community life

Aurélie Blondet and Corentine Marchand are professional educators who support these women in administrative procedures, child education, complaints, divorce and even care. Landlords also get help if they haven’t previously found work or training.

We did our best to celebrate their departure and to show them that they made the right choice and that they are now safe here.

Whoever says “home” also says community life. As a result, social worker Lucie Barthomef was appointed head of the campaign. She regularly organizes walks in the forest “to create moments of outdoor communication, away from negativity”, art therapy classes, outings to libraries, museums, cinemas… “I also encourage them to go to the market or La Poste so that they can regain their ability to fend for themselves Confidence.” in numbers.

In 2020, 254 people were referred to the CeCler Association for domestic violence. WITH 63 plans to intervene with 2,347 victims in 2021. Last year, it assisted 1,943 people.

Relearn to fly with your own wings

Because the goal of social work is for everyone to build a project for their future and regain their autonomy bit by bit. “The House of Artémis provides them with long-term support, making them strong enough to know they can fly independently,” concludes Dominique Charmeil.

Meanwhile, in this house of Artemis, the women are surrounded, and if they are distracted at two in the morning, they will always find an attentive ear to listen to them.

We want this house to be warm, clean, friendly…so that women yearn to be there, not go back to a violent home or fall into loneliness.

In order to make the departure less sudden, the association rented apartments near the Artemis home to “gradually cut ties”.Eliza

She lives alone in a warm three-bedroom apartment with her four children. “I’ve regained my autonomy, and in a few months, I’ll even have a house that I rent alone,” she says proudly. I can only thank the association because I finally feel free? !

The name has been changed for security reasons.

Caring for and housing perpetrators of domestic violence to better protect victims: Creuse’s unique system

System established by the Cecler Association

Dominique Charmeil, general manager of the Cecler association and manager of the Maison d’Artémis, welcomed the efforts to combat violence against women. interview.

The number of victims of domestic violence has increased in recent years. How do you explain it?

“I think first of all, it’s due to a realization that certain behaviors are unacceptable. Women’s voices have been released, especially after the #MeToo movement, and because of certain high-profile news stories. They’ve managed to distance themselves from these behaviors. And seize the equipment that exists. But at the same time, there is still a significant increase in intra-domestic violence during childbirth.

Is there a typical victim profile?

There is absolutely no standard victim profile. Domestic violence affects all social classes.

Do you think the systems implemented today to help victims are appropriate?

“We’ve come a long way on this issue over the past three to four years, especially thanks to Grenelle Against Domestic Violence 2019. The police station and the police station have psychologists on duty and make every effort to Make sure that the victim’s grievance is minimally traumatic.

Also, the reception structure has changed a lot. Maison d’Artémis is funded by the state, which allows us to open more places, which is a real breath of fresh air for us. Today, it is not the system but the need that dictates the length of stay in an emergency accommodation center. Now, my concern is that the means available to us today will have to do so for a long time. It shouldn’t just be an announcement effect. “

In Clermont-Ferrand, the Cecler Association promotes the integration of vulnerable groups, refugees, homeless or women victims of violence

Do you have a seat at La maison d’Artémis?

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