Integration of NFT into the Metaverse

Crystamon prides itself on being the first tokenized NFT metaverse in the blockchain ecosystem. This is the first RVC Blockchain Technology (RBLOCKTECH) project. NFT pricing doesn’t work like traditional deflationary concepts of crypto tokens. As the founder says, it means that NFT prices are going up rather than going down.

As a result, using NFT as a substitute for traffic tokens in Crystamon’s NFT collectible hunting game project could be beneficial to Crystamon’s success. Crystamon has its own token, $ CRYSTAMON. The project aims to increase sales through NFT, staking, agricultural production, a trading app and play to earn.

Crystalmon has many unique features, according to its whitepaper. They include:

Crystamon is a platform that combines decentralized finance (DeFi), non-fungible tokens (NFT), and high quality graphic P2E games that provide players with a fun and rewarding experience. The play-to-win (P2E) model allows players to retain full control and ownership of their game content, thereby depriving developers of the opportunity to benefit from these elements.

It is the responsibility of the user to make important decisions about Crystalmon. You can vote and; participate in their projects.

Projects that can stabilize Crystalmon’s brand and economy

Crystamon will allocate an amount of 10% to the $ CRYSTAMON Token Liquidity & Buyback program. This can stabilize the long-term growth of the $ CRYSTAMON token.

Alternative source of funding;

NFT Marketplace Sales and distribution of the NFT implementation Switch application Exchange application Token sales Play to Win

Every player can use the Crystamon Common Gem NFT for free, with a lifetime license fee of 3%. The first 50,000 Crystamon Common Gem NFTs will be made available to the public for one free keystroke per wallet address per user. CNCHG’s main strength is collaborative selling.

All holders must sell or purchase the free Crystamon Common Gem NFT that was purchased for the scoring system. Selling an ordinary gem gives you 1 point. Each common gemstone costs 5 USDT. To earn a point value, users must make sales on the official website / app. You can also sell your NFT Common Gem on any NFT marketplace, but you will only receive royalties.

You can also trade in the auction house for any amount as long as it exceeds the required market value.

Pre sales: 6.8097%
Private sale: 0.05%
Development fund – with acquired rights: 12%
Marketing – with acquired rights: 12%
Strategic reserve – blocking: 21,0903%
NFT Rewards Fund – Earned: twenty%
P2E Reward Fund: twenty%
Also: 4%
Air drop: 0.05%
Agricultural performance: 4%
The sum: 100%

Crystamon will be pre-ordered on January 7, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. UTC. The sale takes place exclusively on Here are more details:

Tab: tab Crystal (CRYSTAL)
Pre-sale price: 5000 CRYSTAMON / BNB
PCS catalog price: 2500 CRYSTAMON / BNB
Private sale At least 3 BNB: 6500 / BNB
Total offer: 100,000,000.00
Smooth cover: 300 BNB
Hardcover: 600 BNB
LP: 51% of the funds raised

NFT interface: The project has a market for NFTs where users can buy and sell them, giving them the opportunity to interact with this growing market.
Mark out: Crystamon verifies your transactions by staking so attendees can earn rewards for their stocks.
Safety: SolidProof reviewed the project’s smart contract to make sure it was safe for investors.
Agricultural production: Users can also participate in farming to earn as their cryptocurrency’s value increases over time.
Exchange request: Crystamon allows users to exchange tokens through its app.
Play to win: This feature allows participants to be rewarded with cryptocurrencies or NFT only for playing games that they would likely play for free.

The first phase of the project is planned for the fourth quarter of 2021. It was the concept and planning phase. This included creating tokens, crowdsourcing, private selling, creating website landing pages, and creating whitepapers. There was also a SolidProof Smart Contract Audit, Public Relations and Social Media Marketing, all of which were completed.

For the first quarter of this year, the Crystamon advance sale will take place on January 7th. In addition, an offer appears on Pancakeswap 24 hours after the advance booking. There will be NFT craft and standard gemstone coinage with a 50,000 piece design. Marketing will continue to attract more users and investors. In addition, the swap application is created and published.

In the second quarter there will be a follow-up on token and NFT sales and yield farming as well as the introduction of the Blockteck exchange app. The third quarter includes the creation of game graphics billboards, the creation of Metaverse worlds, and the sale of Metaverse land.

By 2023 the game will be advertised and the third batch of Metaverse countries will be sold. There will also be a beta test for game development. In addition, the game’s public beta test and the game’s final public launch will be the last in the first phase.

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