iPaidThat launches its Bitcoin savings plan in partnership with StackinSat

Cash management is a major issue for any business, especially when it comes to financial returns. The Covid pandemic19 and the war in Ukraine are opening a period of instability for companies. Also, at a time of inflationary pressures, rates of return are even more crucial for companies. With traditional investment solutions currently offering much lower returns than inflation, companies want to diversify their investment and explore alternatives such as bitcoin.

. It is in this spirit that iPaidThat has called on StackinSat’s know-how to leverage cash management with a Bitcoin savings plan tailored to companies using its platform.

How does iPaidThat work?

In the “Treasury” area, clients can subscribe to “PEB Pro” and have access to a range of tips to help them make their investment decisions. The PEB Pro will be accessible with an initial payment of at least € 1,000 and a recurring minimum payment of € 25 per week or € 100 per month, with commissions of 1.5%. In addition, StackinSat will make its inflation simulator available so that companies can accurately measure the impact of declining purchasing power on their “latent” cash.

This Bitcoin savings plan (PEB Pro) will complement iPaidThat’s other cash management features, such as real-time financial tracking, budget simulation to ensure actions and goals, smart categorization, and automation.

Anne-Sophie LAIGNEL, CEO of iPaidThat, says: “The partnership with StackinSat allows us to significantly enrich our cash management offering and diversify our investment solutions. StackinSat’s experience in cryptocurrency and decentralized financing is an undeniable asset and a guarantee of seriousness for companies that have adopted our automated management platform. This collaboration opens up a field of possibilities for companies that trust us. »

Jonathan HERSCOVICI, CEO of StackinSat, adds: “This unique combination of Bitcoin savings and cash management automation will open the door for our customers to take advantage of technology-driven management. The innovative startup “This collaboration is a major player in their respective fields of accounting and finance. This collaboration aims to significantly highlight assistance in the ongoing development of financial forecasts. An advantageous and 100% digital experience!”
About iPadThat:
Created in 2018, iPaidThat is an automated financial and accounting management platform that aims to simplify the lives of businesses. Paris-based fintech has 10,000 companies and 1,800 accounting firms (Qonto, Banque Populaire, etc.). A member of France FinTech and the dematerialization committee of the French Ministry of Economy, Finance and Recovery, iPaidThat will also be one of the future partner billing platforms for the transition to mandatory electronic invoicing (2024-2026).

About StackinSat:
StackinSat invented the concept of the Bitcoin Savings Plan (“PEB”), a service that allows you to buy Bitcoin in an extremely simple way and at regular, weekly or monthly intervals, starting at € 10. The company aims to become the reference platform for all Bitcoin-related services in the coming years (savings, payment, etc.) and will especially focus its R&D strategy on Lightning-related products and services. Network, a second-tier technology that makes Bitcoin more scalable, greener, and facilitates bitcoin micropayments. StackinSat hosts the Surfin ‘Bitcoin Conference, the largest Bitcoin conference in Europe on August 25, 26 and 27, 2022.


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