Joe Rogan talks about the dystopian version of Bitcoin and the Silicon Valley Metaverse

Joe Rogan and internet entrepreneur Adam Curry discuss crypto in episode # 1760 of The Joe Rogan Experience, which aired January 8, 2022.

The pair covered a variety of topics, including Bitcoin’s role in repairing the broken monetary system and why global authorities were penalizing Facebook for its attempt to launch a cryptocurrency called Libra (now Diem).

Linked to this, and perhaps most interesting of all, was Curry’s view of divergent metavers, with Silicon Valley on one side and the decentralized mass on the other.

Also, with the Silicon Valley version of the metaverse dominating, Curry has little hope of personal freedoms.

Can Bitcoin Save Us?

Bitcoiners often sell the idea of ​​”opting out” and regaining their personal sovereignty through Bitcoin. Curry is no different.

In his opinion, Curry considers his money safer than $ BTC. By adding this, we’ll see how this “protective” quality plays out in the future.

“I only got on the Bitcoin train because I believe my money will be safer there, I am not speaking against the US dollar, just in general. And I think we will see this as very protective of everything in our future.

Curry was referring to the broken monetary system. And with the Labor Department releasing data showing consumer prices rose seven percent on Wednesday, the warning signs are there.

In response, Rogan said he had high hopes for cryptocurrencies, citing Bitcoin and Ethereum as his decisions based on “what the people who know” talk about the most.

But when it comes to whether the top two chips will serve as a hedge in due course, Rogan is still undecided.

“It will go one way or the other. Either it will fall apart completely or we will take the opportunity to put the ship back in order and find a better way to live our lives.

Metaverse and control

On the subject of metaverse, Curry talked about concept polarization, where two separate versions form, one centralized version controlled by Silicon Valley, the other a decentralized version.

With the centralized version comes a digital central bank currency that, according to Curry, has to prevail over everyone else, which, according to Curry, is the reason why the authorities are closing Facebook’s Libra.

After Libra was identified as a threat to money control, she returned to the drawing board and scaled back her plans. The renamed Diem project now offers a single dollar-indexed stablecoin. Originally, the rulers wanted to mine a basket of stablecoins that were tied to several major currencies.

Going forward, Curry envisions people living in the Metaverse, including working in the virtual world. The end result is a fusion of man and machine.

“Elon has already invaded your brain, of course it will, it’s transhumanism, this really is one of the great programs to get people into technology.”

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