Longvinter: The wrong copy of Animal Crossing New Horizons that causes discussions!

With Animal Crossing New Horizons expected to never receive updates or DLC again, it makes sense that some fans might try other similar games. But the last long winter is it really a copy of ACNH? Why are his Steam Ratings so low?

Animal Crossing: An achievement we’re dying to copy!

If the Animal Crossing license has been around for more than 20 years, its immense success is obviously due to the release of New Horizons on Nintendo Switch amid a period of global lockdown. Covid or not, ACNH probably would have worked just as well thanks to him enchanting formula This allows you to customize a desert island to your liking, form valuable bonds with its inhabitants, the animals, fish, catch insects and even create a vegetable garden.

In short, it is impossible to sum up Animal Crossing in a simple sentence, but it is certain that millions of players have succumbed to its charm. The title worked so well in 2020 that we then saw an upsurge in simulation and farming games, but also in the leisurely category with conferences like the Wholesome Direct and titles like Story of Seasons for example. If the latter has already existed for a few years, the arrival of small independent games must be highlighted, probably wanting to surf on the success of ACNH. Some succeeded, others less so.

We remember, for example Hokko life which had made a strong impression and which is also regularly updated, but lately it’s been Longvinter that’s been talked about thanks to (or because of) its resemblance to Animal Crossing.

Animal crossing new horizons

Longvinter: An Animal Crossing plagiarism that fans hate?

What is long winter?

Plagiarism or not, ACNH fans immediately wanted to check out this new title, arguably because they were missing new features from New Horizons despite last November’s major 2.0 update. On his Steam page here is the official description of Longvinter: “Fish, farm, craft, gather, cook, loot or rob other players and build a camp or village with your friends in an open world multiplayer sandbox game with no rules!”

We therefore note a small difference to Animal Crossing : In Longvinter, it’s possible not to be friendly, and we’re not talking about simple sweeps here. You can literally use a gun and steal resources from other players. A slightly more “nagging” aspect that could make lovers cozy games.

Animal crossing new horizons

Animal crossing new horizons

What is there to do in Longvinter?

As a human, it is your goalexplore Longvinter Island to understand why it is so special. You’ll begin your expedition at one of the many research camps on the island, and you’ll need to buy tools, sell the resources you’ve harvested, and invest in more advanced gear to compete with other explorers.

  • A open world Handwork: Explore, learn and enjoy the surrounding nature. Discover the best spots for fishing and berry picking and set up camp nearby to maximize your income.
  • PVP – You’re not the only one trying to make it on the island. Form alliances, defend and conquer new areas that you find interesting.
  • construction – You can build wherever you want, with whoever you want. Pick a spot for your tent, light a campfire, and start growing. Keep all your valuables in the tent that only you have access to.
  • Arts and crafts : Instantly combine two or more items to create something new at a workbench.
  • Agriculture : Grow food for yourself or sell it to make money.
  • sandbox – Do what you want, where you want, with who you want. There are no rules or tasks. Make the game how you want it.
  • Act – Sell your knowledge and rare items to players who are willing to pay for them, and constantly earn money by selling them to camp traders.

As a true multiplayer game, Longvinter therefore offers a PvP aspect that Animal Crossing does not have, but also regular content updates. Overall, this new indie title might look like ACNH since it’s a sandbox game with different resources to collect, but that’s where the comparison ends. After all, it’s Longvinter’s design that’s largely inspired by the Animal Crossing license.

Animal crossing new horizons

Animal crossing new horizons

Why Do Some Animal Crossing Fans Hate Longvinter?

When we refer to the left negative reviews on Steamseveral reasons can explain the lack of enthusiasm that Longvinter aroused:

  • Longvinter is an independent title currently only available in English,
  • The multiplayer aspect is extreme punish : As a new player, you land on a server where other players already have powerful weapons and can loot you in no time,
  • A departure mislead that can scare more than one
  • One world enough empty little to do at the moment
  • Wholesale server problems and recurring errors
Animal crossing new horizons

Animal crossing new horizons

Negative aspects aside, Longvinter is still in Early Access and therefore still in the development phase. Feedback from many players will allow the developers to improve the content and fix the problems encountered. And you, did you test Longvinter?

Does the Tomato Festival on ACNH ring a bell? nope ? Well this is normal as it is a brand new seasonal event added to the game since the 2.0 update and allows you to salvage a very special item.

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