“Love of Kill”, “Hit-Monkey” … 8 anime that shouldn’t be missed in January 2022

Between the grand finale of The attack of the titans, The return of Point a And with a hint of Marvel, the year is off to a good start for anime fans.

Building on their unprecedented success (like manga) over the past few months, anime should become popular again in 2022 as well. No need to wait, the first month of the year is already well taken care of!

1 In the land of Leadale, from January 5th Crunchyroll

The story is about Kagami Keina, a young woman who is half paralyzed as a result of an accident. One day she dies from a power outage and is transferred to the online game world she was playing in. When she wakes up, she is amazed to discover the new world that surrounds her, almost 200 years in the future. A new life begins for Keina, in which she can move around completely freely. Based on the novel of the same name by Ceez and Tenmaso, this MAHO film-anime promises a fast-paced and refreshing journey of the second chance with 12 episodes and at the same time a tough look at the online gaming world.

2 Miss Kuroitsu from Monster Development, from January 8th Crunchyroll

How is equipment used by villains in their plans for world domination? That question will finally find an answer in this anime, which is mostly a comedy. The story is about Toka Kuroitsu, an assistant scientist in Agastya’s Superman research and development department. The young woman develops new technologies and features every day that enable the fighters of the evil secret organization to face the heroes who want to protect the world. His days are mainly characterized by the always far-fetched and unrealizable demands of his superiors and the need to achieve convincing results within the time and budget available to him.

3 How a realistic hero rebuilt the kingdom Part 2, from January 8th on DNA

After putting an entire country back on its feet, King Soma is back to continue his work. Thanks to many reforms and changes, the Kingdom of Elfrieden has recovered from the serious crisis into which it had plunged for a long time. After the country’s victory in the war against the Principality of Amidonia, the two kingdoms merged to form the great kingdom of Friedonia, which is already attracting the attention of neighboring countries. In response to these important events, the Empress of the Great Chaos, Maria Euphoria, must send her sister to meet Soma Kazuya for negotiations. But during this time the territory of the Demon King in the north becomes more and more threatening. Mixture of action, comedy, drama, fantasy and romance, here is an anime for (almost) every taste.

4th Love to kill, January 12th, Crunchyroll

One day, a bounty hunter nicknamed Castle Dankworth meets Ryang-Ha Song, an enigmatic criminal. When she loses her duel, he asks her for her real name and contact details so he can contact her later. Little by little, to his own surprise, Chateau begins to cooperate with Ryang-Ha, who is training him to fight the organizations that track him down. She realizes very quickly that this struggle also seems to have something to do with her own past. Why was Ryang-Ha Castle approaching? What is its secret past hiding? A plot that promises to plunge us into a truly deadly game, in which romantic moments and bloody fights coexist strangely.

5 The attack of the titans, Season 4, Part 2, starting January 9th on Wakanim and Crunchyroll

The hour has come. That of the grand finale of The attack of the titans. If the readers of the manga already know the outcome of the story thanks to the publication of the last volume last October, the tension is certainly unbearable for others. Directed by Yuchiro Hayashi and written by Hiroshi Seko, these final episodes will air in Japan on January 9th and will be available on Wakanim and Crunchyroll in France on the same day. Produced by MAPPA, they promise a finale full of action and emotion, because Eren Jäger is more determined than ever to change the face of this world in which humanity fights against gigantic creatures called titans.

6th Arifureta, Season 2, starting January 13, Wakanim

The story is about Hajime Nagumo, an unambiguous, easygoing student who is described as incompetent by his classmates. One day he and his class are called to another world to save a country from destruction. All acquire unique abilities except Hajime who becomes just a simple synergist. While exploring a dungeon, he is betrayed by one of his comrades and falls fatally wounded into the abyss. Only when he wakes up does he find himself in what appears to be a particularly high level, surrounded by monsters, each of which is more powerful than the other. From then on, his decision has been made: he becomes stronger and goes for revenge.

7th DotA: Dragon blood Book 2, available on Netflix January 18

After Riot Games and the popular series Arcane, another big name in video games is making its comeback on Netflix. In January the universe of Dota 2 is actually back for the second season of Dragon blood, a little less than a year after the first season was released. Packed with action and humor, this first round of episodes was reminiscent of the adventures of the dragon knight Davion and the various characters he encountered in order to cross his path. A not harmless journey, which is therefore being continued in a second season, all directed by Studio Mir, to whom we owe the series in particular. The legend of Korra or more recently the anime The Witcher: Wolf’s Nightmare (enough to wait before the future spin-off Blood origin).

8th Marvel’s hit monkey, starting January 26th Disney +

Available for several weeks in the international catalog of Disney +, the animated series Hit monkey will finally be available from us this January (but that won’t be the only Marvel surprise at the beginning of the year). For those who don’t know enough about this character, who first appeared in 2010, the animated series by Will Speck and Josh Gordon returns to the origins of the amazing hired monkey and his duet with the ghost of assassin Bryce to get to yourself To avenge mercenaries and defend victims from murderers. Bloody and with black humor, a bit like in a movie Dead Pool, this series certainly offers a new look at the Marvel Universe.

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