March, a month more than favorable for Bitcoin ETPs (BTC).

March was one of the best months for Bitcoin ETPs (BTC) so far this year. In fact, assets under management increased significantly. What is the reason? In the posts that have categorized these ETPs over the last month. Focus on this article on the factors that have contributed to this growth and future forecasts.

Managed Bitcoin (BTC) assets hit a new all-time high

Total managed bitcoin (BTC) assets rose dramatically in March. Never in a month had experts seen such strong growth. As a reminder, the last jump was obtained in November 2021. In February, the total assets under management amounted to $ 190.165 billion. By the end of March, however, that figure had reached 202,437 BTC. This is a new record for BTC under management.

To this already high total number of BTCs must be added the net March entries. In total, 12,727 BTC were placed in ETP only in the last month. It is for this reason that the digital asset recorded its strongest growth in a single month. It should also be noted that inbound flows were recorded in all domains and in all regions.

The ETP reached a new high in March

As we have said, the incoming flows came from all regions. Take the case of Canadian FTEs. During the month of March they also recorded a sharp increase. Plus, there was one increase in its managed assets which rose to a level of 6,066 BTC, something that had never happened in the past. According to ProShares, in the period between March 20 and 25, Canadian FTEs emerged from the weak momentum that had characterized them in previous months.

bitcoin Bitcoin Price Chart

For experts, there is only one reason that can justify the current situation in which inflows have increased: the BTC recovery. Downward fluctuations in its price over the past few months have had no real impact on its performance over the past month. It is this factor that has also helped Bitcoin ETPs gain so much value. It remains to be seen whether this trend will continue or whether, on the contrary, it will return a downward momentum.

While the price of BTC has risen sharply in recent months, Bitcoin ETPs (BTCs) have also risen in value. Thanks to considerable inflows, flows from all regions and all areas, FTEs reached unprecedented levels.

Source: NewsBTC

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