Mars4 Metaverse is listed on Kucoin

Humans have always had the ambition to explore space. To this day, the moon landing has gone down in history as one of the most prestigious events of all time, one that still inspires more than half a century later. .

Space travel is far from accessible to everyone, so much so that even the planets and moons of our solar system are beyond our reach except through the hard work and efforts of the various space programs. Metaverse MARS4 strives to make that dream more accessible.

What is MARS4?

MARS4 is a blockchain-based project consisting of three interconnected elements: NFTs, MARS4 Dollars and the upcoming game.

All of these elements combine to form an interactive virtual planet Mars with a self-sustaining economy. Like many blockchain-based games, it will be a play-to-earn game, using NFTs and tokens as tools to provide players with a rich and exciting experience of the planet Mars.

With MARS4 you can own a unique Mars terrain NFT modeled from NASA data. MARS4 lands are already for sale and will be a crucial part of the upcoming game, where their topography will shape the playable areas!

The owners can explore and develop their lands by building stations and housing and exploiting the available resources.

Staking and listing on Kucoin

As part of the expansion of the MARS4 project, its token is now listed on KuCoin. KuCoin is a trusted cryptocurrency exchange with over 11 million traders worldwide.

This listing offers MARS4 customers additional flexibility when buying and trading tokens.

MARS4 has also launched a staking program that can be accessed through the project website. The listing on KuCoin perfectly coincides with the launch of this staking program and offers investors more opportunities to buy MARS4 tokens.

MARS4 is also listed on SushiSwap, Bittrex and Mexc.

MARS4: a revenue-generating play-to-earn game using NFTs

MARS4 tokens are used in its game. The first playable version of MARS4 is expected to be available in Q3 this year, while a web-based Mars Control Center will be available in Q1 or Q2.

The browser-based Mars Control Center will allow NFT property owners to manage their assets. You can thus participate in the NFT market, see the non-fungible tokens held and earn income. Non-fungible MARS4 tokens generate profits through the NFT economy.

However, this is not the only way to make money on Mars4. The project is developing an exciting and immersive game that will allow its players and landowners to generate revenue. There will be multiple ways to get rewards in-game, both for owners and non-land players.

Players will work together to survive in the harsh environment of Mars, self-producing everything from food to oxygen to assembling vehicles. These goods, which players can provide to each other, form the basis of the in-game economy and can be bought and sold on the in-game market, which uses the Martian Dollar as its sole currency.

Players and owners will also be able to imprint their own NFT creations with the planned devkit to create additional interchangeable props and decorations for their survival habitats.

For owners who do not wish to actively use their land, they will be able to hire land managers to manage development and leases to players.

In addition, landowners have a passive advantage as they receive a small commission on all transactions made on their land, encouraging them to develop their land and attract player-settlers. They also earn a commission on all goods transported between players passing through their country.

Together, these systems will form an interconnected and thriving economy that will help players and owners make Mars their own paradise.


MARS4 is growing rapidly and continues to attract more cryptocurrency exchanges. Listing the token on KuCoin means an improved customer experience and more flexibility for users. Humans will soon be taking their first steps on Mars.


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